Living well at Hamilton Reach

Hamilton Reach's tight-knit and supportive community, riverfront location and expert trainer make it the perfect place for a healthy mind and body.

20 June 2022

The neighbourhood is blessed to have two highly experienced instructors – Beck Stephenson and Debby Lewis – who have your fitness and wellbeing needs covered as part of the free Live Life Get Active (LLGA) fitness program held at Northshore Riverside Park, Hamilton Reach. Weekly circuit and boxing classes, yoga and meditation are at your doorstep, come along and give it a go!

Both beck and Debby are part of the Live Life Get Active initiative – a registered health promotion charity that specifically looks at addressing health, fitness, and happiness, of which Frasers Property Australia is a proud sponsor.

Beck Stephenson, Personal Trainer

How would you describe your classes?

Inclusive and judgement free. I have clients from all walks of life with all different body types and abilities, so I make sure I tailor the workouts to each person. We focus on building strength and maintaining health, especially as people age. Each morning, we get together by the river and work out as the sun comes up. It’s stunning. The people are amazing and they work incredibly hard. One of my greatest joys is seeing them achieve what they once thought was impossible.

How do LLGA classes benefit the community?

This is an incredible initiative, offering residents free classes with qualified instructors. It’s so easy to get involved. I bring the equipment, my clients just show up and give it their best. It’s also a great way to meet your neighbours and become friends too.

What do you love most about Hamilton Reach?

I’ve been living in Hamilton Reach with my two sons for eight years and have loved every moment of it. It’s a safe and active community, embracing and supportive. Everyone knows us and looks out for us. It’s really made my job a lot easier, as neighbours help me out with babysitting the kids. It’s dog-friendly, social and full of great initiatives from Frasers Property which just makes it all the more special.

Beck’s free circuit training and boxing classes are offered Monday to Thursday from 6:00am to 6:45am.

Debby Lewis, Yoga Instructor

What do you love about teaching yoga at Hamilton Reach? There’s something about early mornings in the park alongside the river that’s so invigorating. It’s such a wonderful way to start the day, to wake with the sun and set an intention for the day ahead. And my clients at Hamilton Reach are delightful and committed, it’s great to see them each week.

Why did you decide to start teaching LLGA classes?

I’ve been instructing yoga at Hamilton Reach since 2016. There’s a sense of pride to be able to help people – it’s the reason I do what I do. To be able to make a difference to people’s health and mental wellbeing is quite powerful.

How does yoga help bring a community together?

Yoga is a solitary pursuit. There’s no competition, no ego. And what’s lovely about the Friday morning yoga classes at Hamilton Reach is that friendships have formed over the course of those early mornings. Some of the participants go for coffee afterwards or use it as a warmup for their morning tennis session.

What can people do to incorporate yoga into their everyday lives?

There are some simple yoga techniques that everyone can adopt to help foster their everyday wellbeing. Simple breathing exercises are a great start and can really help to clear your mind. Standing on one leg is a great balancing exercise and brings you to a place of focus. Both are great for busy people and can be practised easily – even while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil.

Debby’s yoga classes are held from 6:00am to 6:45am each Friday morning and are free to attend.

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