Riverlight lounge hosts weekly Mahjong

Hamilton Reach residents are invited to join the weekly Mahjong group every Tuesday 10:00am-12:00pm in the Riverlight Lounge, one of the many amenities that benefits residents.

28 November 2021

Organiser Elisha Matthews said it's the perfect opportunity for everyone from beginners to experts to socialise in a relaxed environment close to home.

"After a lockdown last year, a few people were crafting by the beach and talking about what we missed doing," she said.

"Several of us hoped community Mahjong groups would return, but many were still facing restrictions or other challenges, so we organised our own weekly game.

"Now, we regularly have at least eight people, and I coach a few of the newer players. It's turned into a chance for us to see others when we may be socialising less, and it’s something we can look forward to each week too."

The group is also arranging a Saturday night social event for those who are unable to make Tuesdays. For more information contact communityQLD@frasersproperty.com.au.

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