The healing power of home

When a person flees domestic or family violence, they often leave with nothing.

20 June 2022

It is in this moment of bravery when families are at their most vulnerable that support organisations call on the volunteer network at RizeUp Australia.

Established in 2015, RizeUp is a not-for- profit charity which provides emergency funds and furnishings to help families relocate to new accommodation with everything they need to make it a home, so they can make a fresh start.

The charity also helps impacted children in their healing process and to settle into a new school.

In late 2021, Hamilton Reach made a significant donation to RizeUp, providing more than 20 ex-display mattresses and bed frames, boxes of pantry and laundry items, and gifts for children and mothers, with a total value of more than $20,000.

Head of Partnerships & Corporate Development at RizeUp Danielle Appi said the donations supported RizeUp’s Rapid Response and At Home programs, which source critical items required at a moment’s notice to assist with emergency relocations.

“On average, we furnish between six and eight homes each week,” Danielle said.

“When the team moves in and sets up the home, we never know who they are or their circumstance. Just knowing that we’re making a difference is enough.

“When a person makes the brave decision to leave a domestic violence situation, and most of these people have children, they generally go into a refuge.

“From here, they will receive support from various providers to relocate them to a safe, new home and this is where RizeUp Australia comes in.

“We receive referrals from support services and set about furnishing an empty space into a home.

“We find out what their favourite colour is, how old their kids are and if they’re into sport, so it’s a home they’re moving into, not just a house.”

Danielle said the donation from Frasers Property Australia and the residents of Hamilton Reach have already helped dozens of families in need.

“We receive more calls than we have the resources to assist, so access to new furnishings, funds and volunteers keep us going,” she said.

“Being able to give families new, quality furnishings and an irreplaceable feeling of ‘home’ reinforces to them that they can move on with dignity and the life they dreamed of.

“These home comforts may seem small, but they are powerful and can stop people going back to a life of violence.”

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