A decade in the making

As Hamilton Reach clocks ten years since its inception, we look at the fascinating history of this exceptional community.

23 May 2023

It took just a decade to transform a neglected stretch of land beside the Brisbane River and bordering the Royal  Queensland Golf Club at Hamilton, into one of the city’s  most elegant and sought-after waterfront communities.

The riverfront location was acquired by Frasers Property in 2010 and within two years, 12 luxury Rothelowman-designed homes were built and ready to be occupied, with the very first Hamilton Reach residents moving in late 2012. The first of 12 stages to be developed within Hamilton  Reach, Green Quarter set a stunning new standard for  premium riverfront living, going on to win the Queensland  Urban Development Institute’s Excellence Award for  Environmentally Sustainable Development in 2014,  the first of many awards to be won by this  premium community.

Today the 2.5ha Hamilton Reach neighbourhood – the compact apex of a much bigger urban renewal project  masterplanned by the Queensland State Government agency Economic Development Queensland – is home to a tightknit community of more than 1100 residents, with  freehold homes, terraces, and apartments set amongst a verdant oasis of parks, gardens, and waterfront landscape.

Ask any of the residents of Hamilton Reach what its defining quality is, and they’re likely to tell you it’s the  close-knit community spirit of the neighbourhood. Scott Ullman, General Manager Development at Frasers  Property, says that’s no accident either.

“The lifeblood of a place like Hamilton Reach is the people that call it home,” says Scott. “From the beginning, we have invested in events and programmes designed to  bring residents together and create new neighbourhood connections. Ten years later, the best endorsement of that  strategy is that the community now actively organises its own fundraisers, book clubs, and regular get togethers, without much intervention from us at all.”

Elisha Matthews has been a resident of Hamilton Reach since 2019. As the President of the Hamilton Reach Community Association, she can attest to the supportive nature of the people that live here.

“As a wheelchair user, I can’t always get by on my own,” says Elisha. “I’m grateful for the help and support of my neighbours, who are always reaching out to offer help. And it’s not just me. When one of my neighbours had major surgery recently, people pitched in to bring groceries, cook meals, and provide care. That’s just how it is here.”

The boutique nature of the community, combined with beautiful interconnecting public spaces, means that Hamilton Reach residents bump into each other regularly, building familiarity and encouraging new friendships.

“This is a pretty active community, so you’ll quite often run into neighbours down by the beach or in the park,” says Elisha. “I have made so many new friends from the people I see regularly in my building. Once you know everyone’s faces, no one is a stranger anymore. And I think even something as simple as that helps to create a much friendlier neighbourhood.”

For more information on the Hamilton Reach community, please visit hamiltonreach.com.au/community

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