Real Utilities

We’re for real energy solutions.

We're here to help

We want you to benefit from cheaper, greener, simpler energy - that's really all there is to it.

How we keep it real


Best rate guarantee

We adjust our rates against those of the three biggest energy retailers in your area - and we always come in cheaper. We also price match any competing electricity offers.


Certified carbon neutral

Feel good about the energy you use knowing that it's carbon neutral and certified by the Australian Government's Climate Active program. Easier on your wallet, and the environment.


Quick and easy

We understand energy can be complex, so Real Utilities keeps it simple. Sign up, move in and access your account to track your energy usage, pay bills and more - it's that easy.


What is an embedded network?

Embedded networks are made up of the pipes, wires and equipment within a building or precinct, including electricity, gas, hot water, and air conditioning. It often takes advantage of energy efficient or renewable energy technology available in the building, and it also increases energy buying power of occupants.

Benefits of Real Utilities

Cheapest energy rate promise*
100% Carbon Neutral
Simple sign up process
Experienced, passionate team here to help
Residential, retail, commercial and industrial
Part of Frasers Property Australia, who developed your property
Buying power through an embedded network
2,600 customers and counting

*Rates are compared against the advertised rates of the three biggest energy retailers in your area, and we beat them.

Real Utilities is part of Frasers Property, one of Australia’s largest diversified property development companies, with a 100 year history dating back to 1924. Frasers Property designed and built the buildings, industrial and business parks and communities that Real Utilities services. That’s why you can be confident with Real Utilities as your energy provider.