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Developing Australia

From the Sunshine Coast to the Sunset Coast, we’ve been developing Australia’s towns and cities since 1924. When we look back on the places we’ve been, and the communities we’ve helped create, our greatest rewards are the countless happy and connected futures people have found in a Frasers Property neighbourhood.

Quality and care in all things

Everything we focus on – from design and construction, community development and customer care, to the causes we champion and the more sustainable future we hope to create – speak to our unrelenting commitment to excellence and quality. To us, creating communities people are proud to come home to isn’t a tagline, it’s a calling.

Strong and resilient communities

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that people thrive when they feel they belong. Community spirit and strong social bonds are the building blocks of welcoming places. Which is why every Frasers Property community benefits from investment in community initiatives and the care of dedicated community managers to foster those early neighbourhood connections that go on to create lifelong bonds of friendship.

Recognised for excellence

Our neighbourhoods have been recognised more than 400 times across the globe for their excellence in design, innovation, sustainability, landscaping, and liveability. These include Australia’s most awarded mixed-use development, Central Park Sydney, as well as landmark communities such as The Waterfront at Shell Cove in NSW, Burwood Brickworks in Melbourne, and Minnippi Quarter in Brisbane.