Our Difference

Our Difference


Our difference 

We’ve been creating memorable places for Australians since 1924. Meticulously designed urban villages. Warm and welcoming homes. Thriving commercial spaces. Dynamic retail destinations. That’s 90 plus years of experience we bring to everything we do; a valuable legacy that inspires our future success.

But our experience is only one part of the story. The other is the experience of the people that live, work, shop and play in one of our properties. It’s for them we strive to create extraordinary places at human scale. Places that nurture enriching experiences. Places with soul.

Underpinning our approach is the support and international pedigree of our parent company, Frasers Property Limited; one of the world’s leading real-estate brands. Headquartered in Singapore, the business operates and manages more than S$38.8 billions in assets across more than 80 cities on five continents. It’s this weight of scale and experience that has helped us to become one of Australia’s leading diversified property groups. 

Our difference. Our experience in community spaces has taught us that retail is more than just shopping. For us, a well-planned centre will always have a valued place in people’s lives as a place of social connection and real community:

Which is why...

We believe technology should never replace the warmth of a real exchange between shop-owner and customer, it should only enhance it. 

We believe a retail centre should be a cornerstone of the community it belongs to.

We believe we must break out of the sameness in retail design to create mixed-use lifestyle centres that are community-orientated alternatives to the main street.

We believe the future belongs to retail spaces that are small enough to be familiar, but large enough to be exciting, offering the authenticity of a vibrant high street combined with the range of a major centre.

To us, that’s the difference.