Building your home is an exciting adventure that starts from the moment you begin viewing display homes to when you find one that best meets your needs.  Once chosen your builder will take you through your building journey from colour selection, to variations and beyond.

There’s a lot to consider, so we've put together some information which may be useful!

Community Users Guide

We’ve developed the Community Users Guide to help get you settled into your new home at The Grove.  Here you will find information about the community including education, shopping and transport options and local resources to help you lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Download here 

Your Pegs

Survey pegs are used to mark out the title boundaries of your land lot. At every lot corner, there will one peg indicates the change in boundary direction. 

The title pegs are made of wood, square, painted white with the top of the peg matching the ground level The tall stick with white tip is the location marker for your title peg. 

The front title peg will have your lot number on it.  Where the pegs are the boundary between yours and an adjacent lot the two numbers will be stamped on the peg in line with the below example. The two rear lot pegs will only indicate with white and no lot markings. 


The lot pegs are usually level with lot finish surface level which often makes them hard to find/indicate. In this instance, we would recommend 
1. Looking for indicator pegs first and search adjacent to them for the title peg or 
2. If the indicator pegs have been removed, use the dimensions from your plan of subdivision, measuring tape and from the title pegs, you have identified measure the lot length and width to find the location of the missing pegs. Often, the lot pegs are covered by some soil/dirt so be prepared to scrape the surface to uncover the title pegs

The location of pegs is according to the registered Title and Plan of Subdivision from Council and place by a licensed surveyor. Frasers Property is responsible to provide pegs prior to your settlement. 

We recommend visiting your lot a week prior to your settlement date to ensure the pegs are in place. If you have any concerns, please contact our Prosperity Care Consultant, Tina Wu on

After settlement

Once the lots are settled, it becomes the owner’s responsibility to ensure the pegs are located with the correct location. As such, we are not in a position to be maintaining the lot or re-survey the pegs if it went missing. 

To protect your land lot pegs, Frasers do recommend you install temporary fencing as soon as possible after settlement, or on settlement day. If you have found missing pegs post settlement, please contact a certified site surveyor or your builder. 

Your Services

Electricity: Your distributor will be PowercorYour builder will contact them to arrange supply and after settlement you will be able to contact a Retail Service Provider (e.g. Origin) to arrange accounts in your name.

Gas: Your distributor will be AusNet. Your builder will contact them to arrange supply and after settlement you will be able to contact a Retail Service Provider (e.g. Origin) to arrange accounts in your name.

Internet: The Grove is an NBN development enabled for Fibre To The Premises (FTTP). Your builder will make an application during construction for NBN to connect your property from the common telecommunications point to the home. They will then pull the connection point into your new home as per the plans. After settlement you will be able to contact a Retail Service Provider (RSP) (e.g. Telstra) to arrange a connection. Please be aware, the first time a new property connects to the NBN network they will be charged a $300 connection fee. Most RSPs will pass this $300 charge onto you as the consumer.

Council Rates: These are issued by Council in April, they are charged annually but can be changed to a quarterly payment at a slight cost increase.

Water Rates: Your distributor will be City West Water. Your builder will contact them to arrange supply and the installation of your Water Meter. Please note that depending on the individual design of your home, there may be the need to pay an additional charge to relocate the water connection point to accommodate your driveway or any other hardscaping to the front of your property.


Protect with your lot with temporary fencing

To protect your land lot from the dumping of rubbish, soil, trash and missing pegs etc. Frasers do recommend you install temporary fencing as soon as possible after settlement, or on settlement day. 
Temporary fencing is a cost-effective way to keep your land lot secure until your builder is ready to commence construction. Unfortunately, dumping by third parties on empty land lots does happen and it is far cheaper to install temporary fencing than to pay for clean-up costs if it does occur. Please note, neither Frasers Property nor the local Council will contribute to clean-up or re-peg costs by unknown third parties.


Install share fencing 

Under Victorian law, the Fences Act, there are provisions for the cost of boundary fencing to be shared with neighbours. It is best to discuss the fencing informally with your neighbour in the first instance to reach an agreement on the contractor to be used and the cost to be shared. If this option is not available, you can utilise a Fencing Notice, which is a formal document setting out the proposal for the installation of a boundary fence. A Fencing Notice can be delivered in person or by mail, the government has a standard notice available for use, although many fencing contractors also have these available. It should be noted, that if you do not have your neighbours agreement or have not provided a fencing notice, it may be difficult to recover any financial costs related to the fencing works and to do so may require a Magistrates’ Court order. 

Please note we do not provide fencing or contribute to the cost of fencing, including where an adjoining lot is unsold and remains the developer's property. 

Under privacy laws, we are able to provide you with your neighbour's contact details when both parties signed the fence consent form to share the contact information.

Fill in the form below and return to Once you and your neighbours have emailed through the signed consent form, we will exchange the contact details for both parties. 


It's important to note that after the land is titled it is the builder/owner’s responsibility to confirm levels as we cannot guarantee that levels have not been altered post titling of the land.

Builder Contract Penalties

When you sign a build contract, builders will hold their pricing for a set time. It is important to understand how long your quoted pricing is and if there are any unforeseeable delays how you will be impacted. There will generally be a set amount charged per month, for the number of months that your site start is delayed. Builders need to charge this amount as materials and services to build a home increase and they need to make sure that these are covered hence having a fixed price period.

We recommend all clients be cautious when signing build contracts a long time before the anticipated settlement date of your lot. The dates we provide in our monthly construction/settlement updates are indicative and could change due to inclement weather or authority approval delays. Frasers Property cannot accept responsibility for any costs incurred through builders delay penalties.

Helpful Resources

Approvals process to build your home

  • 1


    Your home must be designed in accordance with our Design Guidelines and any restrictions on your Plan of Subdivision and MCP.

  • 2


    You or your builder will submit your plans to the Design Approval Panel via Refer to the Design Guidelines for a list of required plans.

  • 3


    Allow 10 working days for approvals once all documents have been submitted and meet compliance. Plans that do not comply will be returned with comments. Once amended they can be resubmitted.

  • 4

    Building Permit

    Once your receive approval from the Design Approval Panel you or your builder may then apply for a Building Permit with Wyndham City Council or a Private Building Surveyor.

  • 5


    You can start building your home as soon as you have a Building Permit and all legal conveyancing requirements have been met.

  • More Info...

    You will find this process explained in further detail in your Design Guidelines which can be downloaded above.

Documentation for your builder

Click through to access copies of the Plan of Subdivision, Engineering Plans, MCP and Level 1 Compaction Report for you to give to your builder.

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