Building your home is an exciting adventure that starts from the moment you begin viewing display homes to when you find one that best meets your needs.  Once chosen, your builder will take you through your building journey from colour selection, to variations and beyond.

There’s a lot to consider, so we've put together some information which may be useful!

Approvals process to build your home

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    Your home must be designed in accordance with our Design Guidelines, Restrictive Covenants, Local Development Plan and any other local or State Government statutory requirements.

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    You or your builder will submit your plans to Julie Harrold via Please refer to the Design Guidelines for a list of required plans. The plans must be approved by Julie Harrold before submitting to the City of Cockburn, as required under the Contract of Sale.

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    Allow at least 10 working days for approvals against the Design Guidelines & Local Development Plan. Please ensure the Checklist has been submitted with your plans to assess compliance. Plans that do not comply will be returned with comments. Once amended, they can be resubmitted and the approval timeframes recommence.

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    Building Permit

    Once you receive approval from Julie Harrold, you or your builder may then apply for a Building Permit with the City of Cockburn ensuring your plans are compliant. If your plans are not compliant, you will need to apply for planning approval.

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    You can start building your home as soon as you have a Building Permit and all legal conveyancing requirements have been met.

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    You will find this process explained in further detail in your Design Guidelines which can be downloaded below.

Home Design Approval

Frasers Property engages local architect, Julie Harrold, to act as an independent design assessor to ensure building designs comply with the Design Guidelines and Local Development Plan and to ensure the high standard of homes at Port Coogee is maintained. All building plans are required to be reviewed by Julie Harrold prior to being sent to the City of Cockburn for approval and can be emailed directly to her at

Your Services

Electricity: Your distributor is Western Power. Your builder will contact them to arrange supply and after your build is complete, you will be able to contact a Retail Service Provider to arrange accounts in your name.

Gas: Your distributor is ATCO. Your builder will contact them to arrange supply and after your build is complete, you will be able to contact a Retail Service Provider to arrange accounts in your name.

Internet: Your builder is required to install the necessary wiring and pathways within your home in preparation for connection to the NBN network. The full specification may be accessed here.
Both your internet and landline phone service will be delivered over the NBN network vian NBN's premium fibre to the premises (FTTP) product. This provides NBN fibre all the way to your home with access to fast and reliable broadband services via your chosen retail service provider. The full list of providers can be found here.

Council Rates: These are issued by The City of Cockburn. There are a variety of options to pay rates such as annually, quarterly etc. To set up electronic payments, visit: City of Cockburn RATES.

Water Rates: Your distributor will be Water Corporation.  Your builder will contact them to arrange supply.

Non-Potable Water (Purple Pipe): Frasers Property Australia have installed a non-potable water supply system which provides water for garden irrigation purposes. Connection to the scheme can be arranged through the City of Cockburn.  To complete the Port Coogee Non-Potable Water Supply Application Form click here.


Uniform Fencing: All fencing must comply with the Design Guidelines. Any fencing that has been constructed within the Port Coogee development, must be maintained and cannot be modified, replaced, damaged or removed. 

Dividing Fence: Any costs associated with the erection of dividing fences between lots, are to be managed in accordance with the Dividing Fences Act 1961 WA.

Lot Levels

It's important to note that after the land is titled, it is the builder/owner’s responsibility to confirm levels, as we cannot guarantee that levels have not been altered post titling of the land.

Retaining Walls

Any retaining walls that are located on your lot are required to be maintained by the lot owner from the date of settlement of the land.

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