Marina Beach - Stages 3B1 & 3B2

Marina Beach - Stages 3B1 & 3B2

Communication Touch Points

1 Contract Issued

Once approval of purchase is confirmed, your Contract of Sale is issued electronically. Included in this contract is information outlining the deposit that is required and any other conditions of the sale.

It is important to maintain regular communication with your conveyancer/settlement agent to ensure specific time frames are met.

2 Pre-Approval Reminder

The Sales Consultant will advise you of when finance approval is required.

3 Welcome to Frasers Property Prosperity Care

Frasers Property will contact you to confirm once finance approval has been achieved. Your conveyancer/settlement agent will also be advised of the required settlement date in accordance with the conditions of your contract.

4 Settlement Achieved

Settlement email and follow up letter will be issued confirming settlement completion.

Post-Settlement Information

Non-Potable Water Supply Scheme

The City of Cockburn and The Port Coogee development has made available ground water, for the purpose of irrigating landscaped gardens on your property and adjacent verges. To connect to the non-potable water supply scheme (purple pipe), please complete the application form located on the City of Cockburn website here.


Your builder is required to install the necessary wiring and pathways within your home in preparation for connection to the NBN network. The full specification may be accessed here

Both your internet and landline phone service will be delivered over the NBN network vian NBN's premium fibre to the premises (FTTP) product. This provides NBN fibre all the way to your home with access to fast and reliable broadband services via your chosen retail service provider. The full list of providers can be found here.  

More Information

For more information visit the build page here.

Have a question about settlement?

Fiona, our Prosperity Care Manager can help.