News & events | 13 December 2017

The 2017 Christmas Lights Competition.

The results of the 2017 Christmas Lights competition at Berwick Waters are in!

We’ve been running it for several years now and each year there are more entrants and the decorations get bigger and better.

It’s wonderful to see the Christmas spirit at Berwick Waters, and on any given night it’s normal to see visitors walking or driving past all of the lit up houses.

Click here to download a map of the competing houses if you want to take a look while they are still lit up! Be sure to drive around though, as there are many other houses who have also put up some lovely decorations.

It’s always hard to pick the winners, but here are the results:

Winner: 3 Yandra St, Clyde North.
This house was completely decorated and well laid out, and included a live video of Santa projected in the window.


Runner up 1: 16 Waterbloom Ave, Clyde North. 
Showing that sometimes less is more, this family thoughtfully and carefully designed their decorations to suit their house and garden to achieve a very elegant appearance.


Runner up 2: 5 Yandra St, Clyde North.
A great design using just about every surface available to them, and included a creative setup with Santa and his reindeer arriving down a runway landing strip. Not to mention the nativity scene over the haystack!


Honourable mention: 21 Waterbloom Ave, Clyde North.
A large and impressive display, featuring light projections, a detailed nativity scene and a starry veil across the front door. Amazing commitment to the end result!