Landscaping tips part 1: Designing your garden.

Landscaping tips part 1: Designing your garden.

How to design your garden to make your plants flourish.

We asked our landscape designers at Berwick Waters, Tract Consultants, to provide our residents with some expert advice.

Landscaping tips part 1: Designing your garden

When designing your garden things to consider are; orientation (ie. which way does your garden face, when will it receive full-sun in summer, be aware of the westerly sun in the height of summer), using appropriate plants for the location and site conditions (ie. drought-tolerant and native hardy plants for exposed conditions, shade-tolerant plants for areas that will receive shade), and style of garden (ie. formal, contemporary, cottage, natural).  Use a basic plan of your house lot to mark up the design features, such as paths, driveway, taps, fence, building envelope, paved areas, planting, trees, grassed areas, seating areas and shade structures. Take your ideas and plan to a local nursery and get some advice on plant and material selection.  

Another consideration when planning your new garden is whether to install an irrigation system. They can save time and water, and look after your garden in your absence. Information on what type of system best suits your needs can often be obtained directly at point of sale.