Common mistakes when establishing your garden.

Common mistakes when establishing your garden.

The top 4 common garden mistakes, as noted by Tract Landscape Architects.

Tract Landscape Architects, the designers of the open spaces at Berwick Waters, have put together the top 4 common mistakes people make when establishing their gardens.

1. Poor initial planning and plant selection.

Which way does your garden face - when will it receive full sun in summer? Be aware of the strong westerly sun in the height of summer.  Think dry-tolerant and hardy plants for exposed conditions.

Do a sketch design and then lay this out on the ground. Does it feel right? Modify the plan if required.  Take your ideas and sketch plan to a local nursery and get some advice on plant and material selection.

Poor initial selection of plants is the key reason that they fail. 

2. Poor preparation of existing site soil.  

The soils at Berwick Waters are variable.

Adding imported organic material and or imported topsoil will improve site soils to assist with plant establishment and moisture retention in summer.  The sub-grade should be cultivated prior to the spreading of imported soils.  The on-going addition of garden compost will continue to improve site soils.

Remember to use plenty of compost on top of garden soils, to aid in moisture retention around plants and trees.

3. Using the wrong ground covers.

Don’t use Scoria or quartz pebbles in the front garden - it rarely looks good! Small areas of natural turf can be time-consuming to maintain.

Consider using robust dry-tolerant ground covers to keep your front yard looking green instead.  You could use Creeping Boobialla (Myopourum parvifolium), Mauve Clusters (Scaevola var.) or Casuarina “Cousin It” (Causuarina Glauca).

4. Over-complicating and over planting the garden.

Think about the mature height and width of plants.  It can be costly, frustrating and often difficult removing established plants and trees that have out-grown their location.