| 20 November 2020

Top 5 Parks and Gardens in Burwood

Open spaces

Living close to the city doesn’t have to mean living in a concrete jungle, which is why so many people are excited about life in Burwood.

The apartments and townhomes at Burwood Brickworks provide the convenience of city living with a touch of natural beauty through beautiful gardens and parks in Burwood.

The great outdoors is really on your doorstep in Burwood! 

Check out the top five parks and gardens with all the best outdoor things to do in your area.


1. Gardiners Creek Reserve

One of the great pulls near Burwood Brickworks is the Gardiners Creek Reserve. 

Characterised by the pristine nature, Gardiners Creek Reserve is brimming with native plants and animals. Walking down the path on a peaceful afternoon you will hear the chatter of galahs and other birds as they play in the trees and the stream.

Gardiners Creek Reserve connects a number of the other parks and playgrounds in the area. 

The bike path that runs along it is a great way to explore them all or to access other hot spots, like the many great restaurants in Burwood, as cyclists can travel away from busy streets along this creek which runs through the heart of your new suburb.


Burwood Skyline Drive-in Playground

Burwood Skyline Drive-in Playground is another must-stop spot for anyone who’s making a day of the Gardiners Creek Reserve.

This playground is an homage to Australia’s first ever drive-in cinema which was right at this spot in Burwood. 

This quirky playground is complete with a car and a stage behind a screen. Your kids will be able to put on their own movies for their friends in this fun re-creation of the drive-in theatre that drew people to the area in the 60s and 70s.

There are plenty of wide open spaces in this Burwood park to throw down a rug and relax while the kids play.


2. Local History Park

Burwood is an area with a rich history, which you can discover at Local History Park.

In Local History Park you can see where European settlers first crossed the Yarra river, which had long been a source of plants used for food, tools and medicine for the local Wurundjeri people.

The park includes reconstructions of an old settlers shelter and a large wooden replica bridge that matches the first bridge in the area from the 1800s. The park also has a geographic sculpture that informs visitors about the history of the area dating back millennia. All these elements make this park in Burwood an extra special destination. 


3. Baryn St Playground

Baryn St Playground is a great spot for young families to come and spend a few hours on a sunny afternoon, as a nice quiet spot that’s dotted with plenty of beautiful and fragrant natives.

This is a great park to bring the little ones, complete with all sorts of equipment that is sure to keep them entertained for hours. This includes a merry-go-round, a swing set and nest swing, as well as a padded playground with a slide and a small path for riding bikes and scooters. 

Take note, that this park is more suitable for the under 10s. However, the bike racks at the park and the recently installed dog water station mean that this is a good place to stop and rest on those Sunday afternoon rides or dog walks.


4. Ballyshannassy Park

If you’re looking for somewhere to kick the ball around, look no further than Ballyshannassy Park. 

The Whitehorse City Council takes a lot of care when it comes to maintaining this pitch, which has earned Ballyshannassy Park a reputation for having fresh cut grass like carpet. 

Not only is this area great for a game on the soccer pitch, It also has a playground and plenty of room for the dogs to run around. 

Ballyshannassy Park truly has something for the whole family.


5. Wattle Park

Wattle Park has its name for a reason. 

If you love the smell of wattles in bloom, you’ll love this park in Burwood. In Spring, the air is filled with the sweet smell of pollen from the 12,000 wattles that are planted here. It’s not just wattles either. In fact, this park is highly diverse with animals and plant life that create a rare reserve of pristine bushland in a suburban environment.

This makes it the perfect setting for weddings and all of life’s most important events in the beautiful Wattle Park Chalet. Built in 1928 in the Tudor architectural style, this is the perfect location to create those special memories. 

The park is also surrounded by plenty of great Burwood restaurants for anyone who’s looking for a divine dinner after a big day outdoors.

The countless great local parks make Burwood a natural suburban dream that promotes healthy outdoor living with the convenience of being only a short 14km from the CBD.

It’s no wonder that so many families are eager to call Burwood Brickworks home.