| 28 February 2023

Construction Update February 2023

Construction Update February 2023

View the latest construction progress at Burwood Brickworks.

Welcome to the latest Burwood Brickworks Construction Update.

We’re excited to keep you informed about how the project is progressing, give you insights into the construction process and ensure you’re up to date with the development of your new community.

2023 is off to a flying start and that includes construction of the final homes at Burwood Brickworks. All the trades are now back in full swing after the holiday period and powering on at full capacity. As usual, we’ll continue to keep you informed every step of the way with the latest news on your new home and new community.

Façade work on the Park Crescent Homes is now complete and there’s plenty of action internally. Tiling and the installation of joinery has now begun and we’re prepping for painting.  Waterproofing is currently underway on balconies.

The Stage 7 Defining Homes are progressing inside and out.  Façade work is now near completion and ‘rough-in’ (construction-speak for the installation of electrical services) is almost done.

In the Terrace Collection, the first plastering is underway on the ground floor of the building. Wall tiling is underway on level one with final waterproofing and floor tiling in progress on level two. New joinery is being installed on level three and the final sealer coat is being applied to the walls and ceilings on level four in preparation for painting. On level five, the ceilings are being installed and sanding underway.

Over on level one of the Ardent Collection, the ‘fit off’ or final stage of plumbing and gas service installation is underway and floor levelling has commenced. On level two, the ‘fit off’ is complete and the final tiles are being grouted. Tiling is also in full swing on level three and joinery is being installed on level four. The waterproof top coat is complete on level five with sealer coat now being applied to the new ceiling and walls. And to top it off, we’re in the process of lining up solar panels for their roof installation.