Creating homes across Australia since 1924

Creating homes across Australia since 1924


live proud

What is it to be at home?

The sound of your front door closing behind you? Kids playing in their rooms? Or is it more?

Is it the familiar wave in the street, the local cafe that knows your order, or a great place to build a business? Is it the pride you feel, when you create a meaningful, safe life for those you love?

We think home is a feeling; made up of a sense of belonging, in a place where community spirit matters.

About Citta Property Group

With a focus on long term projects in partnership with a range of public and private sector organisations, Citta strives to deliver innovation real estate solutions for our partners, customers and community. A privately-owned specialist property development company currently involved in a portfolio of projects throughout the east coast of Australia with a completion value in excess of AUD $1 billion, we offer a full range of specialist real estate development expertise including planning, design, constructions, financing, sales and marketing.



Live Proud