Thriving long into the future

We all want to live long and prosperous lives in healthy communities. But unless we plan for it, that won’t happen. Mambourin is all about making sure that your community flourishes today and for generations to come.

A world leading 6 star community.

Our changing world demands a different approach. A Different Way is how we, at Frasers Property Australia, talk about our vision for a more sustainable future. It’s our commitment to creating places where resources are reused, recycled and restored. It’s where new ideas are fostered to support people and the planet, and where we take initiatives to help people lead better, healthier lives.
To achieve these goals, we have focused A Different Way on three core areas, ‘Progressive Thinking’, ‘Restoring Resources’ and ‘People Focused’. Each area is supported by ambitious goals and targets that pinpoint how we plan on making a difference. At Mambourin this has resulted in the delivery of a number of initiatives, that not only create a stronger, more connected community, but also in a more sustainable one, some of these initiatives include;

- Walking tracks and external play areas that promote safe, healthy and active lifestyles

- The integration of cultural awareness to create a greater connection to place

- A Community Development program that helps new neighbours meet each other, develop new friendships and create a real community

- Community activities that encourage engaging in a more active lifestyle such as Live Life Get Active.

- A Community Resilience Strategy that includes publication of a Community Development Plan and Residents Welcome Kit that helps to create a more connected community and identifies support for residents in times of emergency.

- A Learning Trail throughout the development, identifying what makes the project unique; including it’s ecosystems, culture and heritage

- Residents incentives such as discounted solar panels to reduce the cost of living

- Affordable land packages in Wyndham Vale for low-income households 

- The provision of siting guidelines to all future residents to facilitate better design while reducing costs of living

We’re working with experts in sustainability to become a 6 Star Green Star World Leader. Mambourin has been designed from the ground-up to be a better place to live, not just for you but also for your children’s children’s children.