Frasers Property Management.

Frasers Property Management.

As most investors will tell you, there’s more to managing an investment property than meets the eye.

At Frasers Property Management we pride ourselves on personalised service, specialist product knowledge and a commitment to the successful, long term development of our residential communities. The range of services we offer covers every aspect of property management, including:


Effective marketing of your property is an integral part of finding the right tenant. Frasers Property’s marketing strategy includes: 

  • Listings on high traffic websites such as and, allowing your property to be viewed online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Regular open for inspection dates 
  • Private appointment viewings when required
  • Emails to our extensive database to notify prospective tenants that a new property has become available

Tenancy selection.

Securing the most suitable tenant for your property is the key to a trouble-free tenancy, and so we check all prospective tenants to establish the applicant’s good character and reliability.


Once you have approved a suitable tenant, we will manage the rental bond in accordance with legislative requirements.

Condition report.

Prior to the signing of any Tenancy Agreement, we will carry out a detailed condition report of the property

Rent collection.

Rent payments are made hassle free for our tenants by way of Direct Electronic Funds Transfer Payment Systems.

Disbursement of rental monies.

To ensure rental monies are disbursed to you conveniently and quickly, rental statements are produced monthly which show the amount of rent collected and also any charges you may have incurred for the month. The charges include invoices for Council and water rates, Owners Corporation levies, property management fees etc, or any maintenance items that may have been paid on your behalf. An invoice outlining the works will also be attached to your statement.

Routine inspections.

Every rental property under our management is inspected up to four times yearly. The purpose of the inspection is to:

  • Ensure the property is being maintained 
  • Review any maintenance issues 
  • Review the current tenancy and rental status

End of tenancy.

Tenants vacating the property must inform our office in writing. When this occurs we will contact you to discuss re-letting the property. A pre-vacating inspection may be carried out to update any photos for the internet listing and to assess the current condition of the property.

Building and landlord insurance.

Whilst most landlords have building insurance, we suggest landlords also consider ‘Landlord Protection Insurance’. This additional policy covers internal fixtures and fittings which may not be covered under a building insurance policy. It also covers you from loss of rent due to a tenant defaulting on their tenancy, or malicious damage caused by the tenant.


Our policy is to report directly to you for any repairs required. We monitor and act on all repairs diligently and according to your instructions in the Owner Instruction Sheet.

In addition, we will ensure that any warranty maintenance items are attended to by the appropriate tradespersons

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Frasers Property Management offers services in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia and we are wholly committed to making your investment a success. For more information you are welcome to contact us or simply call 13 10 25 to speak to a member of Frasers Property Management team.