News & events | 24 April 2018

Construction Update - April 18

Leapfrog Park

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Stages 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 

Display Village
It’s great to see our display village builders under construction. We are expecting the majority of the display homes to be completed mid-year. We are starting to plan another wonderful event to celebrate its opening. Stay tuned. 

Stage 8
Construction is fully underway for Stage 8, with water and gas now complete. Preparations for electrical works are commencing. 
Works are programmed to finish in July and we are currently aiming for titles to be registered in August 2018. 

Stage 9

Works are progressing well, with the stone retaining wall almost completed.  Kerb and channel will commence shortly followed by electrical works. Works are scheduled to finish in early August and we are currently aiming for titles to be registered in early September 2018. 

Stage 10
While we are still in negotiations with Council and Melbourne Water on wetlands.  We have been able to commence the subdivision works on the stage, drainage and water are now completed.  Currently the subdivision works are scheduled to be completed in early August with titles in early September.

Stage 11
We now have approved plans and bulk earth works have commence and drainage is schedule to commence at the end of April. Currently works are scheduled to finish at the end of August with titles at the send of September/Early October.

Stage 12 
We are yet to get approvals from Council for our construction plans. We anticipate works will commence at the end of May with a completion date in December 2108 and titles in Jan 2019.

Please note title dates are an estimate only based on information we have available at this point in time. We would encourage all purchasers to be conscious of signing building contracts based on these dates as there could be delays that are out of our control such as weather and authority approval delays.