News & events | 21 January 2020

Construction Update | January 2020 | Parkwood

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We are excited to announce the appointment of Creation Homes as the Builder for the Parkwood townhouses. The appointment process is rigorous and complex, to ensure the homes are finished to our high-quality standards.

Unfortunately, this process took longer than expected and has impacted our previously anticipated construction commencement date. Creation Homes have recently started Civil Works which allows us to provide revised completion timings based on their detailed construction programme.

Civil Works are currently anticipated to complete mid-2020.

Homes construction is currently anticipated to complete Q3 2021.

Please note that the anticipated timeframes are still indicative and may be subject to change, this is predominantly due to the construction programme, external authority involvement and inclement weather. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this change in timeline causes, we assure you we are working to deliver your home as soon as possible.

Our Prosperity Care Manager Darcy Gibbs will contact you within 3 business days to discuss this change further and answer any questions you may have. If you would like to contact him directly, please call 03 9258 1279 or email 

For more information on the civil works process and progress to date, please see below:

Bulk earthworks  1. Bulk Earthworks

20% Complete.

This is an integral step towards creating the perfect foundation for your home. Earthworks is something of an art; excavating and removing ground material, making sure the surface you build your home on is firm, solid and level. 
 Sewers 2. Sewers

0% Complete.

Sewers are the first service to be laid as they require the deepest trenches, which can range from 3 to 6 metres deep. The sewer system will carry waste away from your house to a treatment facility. 
 Drains 3. Drains

0% Complete.

This stage of works will ensure your home’s roof and underground plumbing have the appropriate connection points to carry all the stormwater to the council drains.
 Waters mains and gas  4. Water Mains and Gas

0% Complete.

Installation of the pressure mains is a critical step to ensure your home is fully serviced. The step that will eventually allow you to prepare your favourite meals, fill the kettle, flush the toilet and enjoy a luxurious shower is finally here. 
 Road Works 5. Road Works

0% Complete.

We are building the roads that will connect you smoothly to the rest of the estate and beyond, this integral step will give you a strong sense of home. These are the roads that will soon be well-travelled; the paths that will wind their way to your doorstep.
 Electrical and telecommunications 6. Electrical and Telecommunications

0% Complete.

We’re connecting the development to your phone and electrical services now. Once you move in, your home will be fibre-ready, providing you with access to high speed internet, pay TV and telephone services, as well as glorious electricity for all the gadget-running, phone-charging and light switching your heart desires.
 Concrete Works 7. Concrete Works

0% Complete.

Concrete is a versatile material. Once mixed, poured and levelled, it will contribute to many of the final finishes of the community. Think: smooth driveways your car will effortlessly roll out of, level footpaths you’ll wander along, guttering along the roads you’ll drive down.

Now that construction has begun we will keep you informed of progress on-site with monthly construction updates. Please monitor your inbox for future updates and if you have any questions about the progress of construction or settlement, we encourage you to get in touch!
Parkwood Construction Update