News | 19 March 2018

First community garden in Baldivis

A group of local residents passionate about gardening are set to open the first community garden in Baldivis

There's no longer any excuses not to eat your greens with Baldivis' first community garden opening within the Baldivis Grove estate. The 450sqm patch of land will soon be transformed into a community gathering point for locals to share in their passion for gardening and sustainability. 

Candice Marsden, one of the local residents heading up the community garden said, when this opportunity came up it was exactly what we had been wanting. The garden is about getting the community together and with the block sizes shrinking people need a space to be able to do some gardening. It's exciting and the garden will be for the kids - there's no better way to encourage them to eat their vegies.

Once up and running interested local residents will be able to apply for a garden plot at the site off Pike Road, with a usage fee attached to cover costs for insurance, soils, manures and composts. The group is looking for volunteers to assist with reticulation and small building works. You can visit their stall at the upcoming Baldivis Parks Lantern Markets event on 30th March to find out more information.

The garden is likely to open by the end of July 2018. See our flyer for more info!