News | 01 June 2021

The Power of Community Keeping Us Safe

June Blog

We all love living in a community that looks loved and well cared for. At Baldivis Grove we are blessed with a beautiful natural environment, with parks and playgrounds, trees and gardens, cycle paths and walking trails. We’re also just a short drive away from pristine beaches and beautiful bushland, so there are plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.
As well as being connected to nature, the Baldivis Grove community is also strongly connected with each other, and there is a strong sense of pride within local neighbourhoods, and the greater Baldivis region.
No matter where we live, however, from time to time there will be things that need attention. It could be litter or graffiti, illegally parked cars, stray dogs or rubbish dumping.
This is where the power of community comes in. When we work together, from a sense of shared responsibility, we can create a neighbourhood to be proud of, where everybody can feel safe.
There are several ways we can do that. 
‘Snap Send Solve’ is a free app that makes reporting local issues quick and easy. If you see something – perhaps faulty street lighting, broken play equipment or a water leak, and you have the app, take a photo and then it’s just a couple of clicks to let someone know. Your location is automatically tagged, so your report goes straight to the right authority, whether it is the City of Rockingham, Western Power or the Water Authority, for instance. Even a dumped trolley report will go to the right supermarket chain!
One of the City of Rockingham’s local community safety initiatives is the SmartWatch service, a vehicle security patrol service. The vehicles conduct regular, coordinated patrols in targeted areas to deter anti-social activity. The role of the SmartWatch Service is just to observe, report and monitor from a safe distance. If you need to contact them, visit here
Ultimately, though, it’s good neighbourhood relationships that can transform and strengthen communities. Neighbours Unite is another City of Rockingham initiative that creates neighbourhood connections to encourage safer communities.
Why not register as a Neighbours Unite Champion? Once registered you will receive a monthly update with local safety information, ideas and incentives to help you take steps to build a connected community, including hosting a neighbourhood activity. Check it out here.
If you’re a new resident at Baldivis Grove, there are many ways to connect, like the Baldivis Rotary and the Baldivis Grove Community Garden. There is also the Baldivis Belles chapter of the Country Women’s Association – open to women of all ages. Why not get involved? You’ll meet some amazing people!
Another great way to find out what is going on and meet new people is via the City of Rockingham’s Activity Guide.
A connected community is a safer community, and neighbours play a vital role. So, get to know your Baldivis Grove neighbours soon!
Don’t forget – if you ever want to get in touch with us about any news or questions related to our community, please reach out to