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Get educated on education in Baldivis

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Thinking of the future? Get prepared for your child's education


Thinking of the future, or moving to a new suburb and want to be prepared? Where you send your children to school can be a big decision, so we’ve put together some handy tips to give you a hand to get your kids educated with ease.


What Type Of School?


Have you already decided on the type of school? If you’re going down the route of Government, Catholic or Independent School, the decision is yours and most important is that it’s right for you and your family.


Whether your little one is a budding artist or a want-to-be astronaut, think about their needs and interests. One school might be the perfect match for one child, but may not get the most from another. Consider which school will best benefit your child’s learning and development. You’ll find schools offer slightly different programs and have expertise in a variety of subjects, so do your research first.


Think about if the teachers and the school curriculum support all aspects of your child’s development - don’t forget about their social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs, all of which are just as important.


Choosing a school of convenience or quality - hopefully both!


Often both children and parents have to make the school commute daily, five days a week, so the location of the school can be a key contribution to your choice.


Not only is it a good idea to look at location in comparison to where you live, but where you work and other key places you visit on a regular basis. All of this will reduce the stress of a confusing or long commute and can make your decision a lot easier. Researching your local government schools online in the Department of Education section will give you a good idea of schools in your ‘zone’.


Baldivis is a great suburb for choice when it comes to education, plus many of the schools are within easy reach from home.


Take Your Pick in Baldivis


If you’re considering schools in the Baldivis neighbourhood, make sure you know all your options. With a number to choose from all just moments from your front door, take your pick.


Nearby Schools:

  • Settlers Primary School
  • Goodstart Early Learning
  • Baldivis Gardens Primary School
  • Tuart Rise Primary School
  • Rivergums Primary School
  • John Calvin Primary School
  • Mother Teresa Catholic College
  • Challenger TAFE (Rockingham)
  • Murdoch University Rockingham Campus


See The School for Yourself


Visiting a school to get a ‘feel’ for the place is a great idea - most parents will instantly get an understanding of whether a school is right for them. We’d advise visiting more than one and considering your options before you enroll. Most schools in the Baldivis area allow for tours, classroom visits and information evenings to help with your decision process.


Remember, although it is ultimately your decision, why not take your child in to have a look around too, once you’ve been? Seeing how they interact in the space and their mood is all a good indication of whether it’s an ideal match.


Helpful Questions to Ask During the School Decision Making Process:

  • Whether they have space - there is no point in getting your heart set on a school if there aren’t any places available for the year your child requires.
  • How much the fees cost and are there additional costs - finding out your chosen school is above your price range, or making sure you have your finances in order prior to enrolling will save a lot of stress.
  • What program do they follow and are specific programs offered - as discussed, these should be compared in relation to your child's interests and ability.
  • What’s the process if your child is unwell, upset or unsettled - having all the information can put your mind at ease, we understand how big a deal sending your little one to school can be.
  • Does the school hold religion at the same level of importance as your family - the morals and understanding will often stem from a combination of home and school, it’s ideal if these both match up.

How is The School Rated?


Don’t simply sign up, now’s the time to get an opinion - whether it be from friends and family or online forums, don’t rely on yourselves alone. Discuss what the schools of your family and friends have to offer and their thoughts on the matter. Or use the internet to do the research for you. Check out their reviews online, take a peek at their Facebook page - these often allow for a more specific and honest answer. Their website and brochures can also be helpful places to look. If the school you’re looking at is featured in any of the local papers or newsletters it is a good sign that they are well connected with the community.


When should you enrol?


Once you have chosen which schools will work for you and your children, make contact with them well before they’re due to start to allow time to make your decision.

The second term of the year before your child starts school is about the time to send your application to most government schools, which is around May. However if you are looking at an independent or non-government school, waiting lists can be long, so you want to apply much earlier. You’re best off contacting the schools directly to get specific dates and requirements.  

Build a Life in Baldivis Grove

The Baldivis Grove development has a strong connection to the local community, with a childcare centre opening in September and community garden within the estate. It also makes the most of everything the wider Baldivis community has to offer with its established town centre, schools, shopping, transport, bushland and pristine beaches close by….