Our sustainability initiatives are designed to save you money by reducing the need for grid electricity while lowering our carbon footprint, providing a happier, healthier, more connected community.

Sustainability is about how we live; balancing our modern lifestyles with caring for the natural environment and its resources. How we build our homes, how we live in them, what we consume and the transport choices we make all affect our carbon footprint and the impact we make on our environment. Using natural resources to give us power is one way to live sustainably, but it’s also about using technology and innovation to develop better building practices and encourage a better way of living.

At Cockburn Living, we’re leading the way towards a smarter, more affordable and more sustainable future, which means you not only save money, you have the opportunity to make a real difference with how you live.

Energy efficient LED lighting
LED luminaires use less energy than incandescent and halogen lighting – and less power means lower power bills. They also last a lot longer, so you change bulbs less often. 

Solar panels and 10kW PV system
Harvesting and converting energy from the sun means we use less power from the grid for common areas and house services. So our power bill is less – and so are your strata levies. You also save with gas-boosted solar hot water at Kingston, and gas central hot water at Vicinity.

Lighting sensors and timers
Motion sensors, daylight sensors and timing switches will ensure common area lighting is only used when it’s needed, and never when it’s not – another way we conserve power and keep your costs down.

We are committed to creating thoughtfully designed open spaces that promote healthy, active lifestyles for all residents at Cockburn Living, with WELS rated fixtures and waterwise native landscaping and gardens, in line with our best practice water use across the whole development.                         

Accessible active transport
Living at Cockburn Central gives you the flexibility to reduce your dependency on cars, helping to protect the environment, save you money and improve physical health. The location and design of Cockburn Living are designed to promote use of alternate modes of transport including trains, buses, bikes and walking.