News | 26 June 2017

Furniture Donation

Donated furniture put to good use at Coodanup College.

Frasers Property is no stranger to community engagement, with programs across many states and communities. Our passion for sustainability is forthright; committed to the principles of recycle, restore and reuse. With the modification of the Frasers Landing Sales Centre to incorporate a community centre we asked ourselves how we could best act on our corporate and social responsibilities, to encourage our staff and others to contribute to the local community. The answer came from directly across the street.

Having previously assisted Coodanup College with School Tree Day and participating in the college’s Work Ready Program, our staff learned of another avenue with which support would be appreciated. Coodanup College offers flexible learning opportunities allowing students to be placed into programs challenging and appropriate to their future endeavours.

Upon the separation of the Frasers Landing Sales Centre, the furniture that adorned the suite was gifted to the college. From desks and shelves to cupboards, chairs and decorative ornaments, the goods were distributed throughout the school, filling gaps where they existed and adding extra warmth and colour to others. A comfortable couch found its way to the Health and Wellbeing Centre, granting a cosy surface for those who feel ill or in need of some time alone. A cupboard was quickly appropriated by the Leadership Area to better organise the administrative duties and the Hairdressing school claimed a few salon quality chairs for their space.

From unused to essential, these items of furniture gifted to the school were just one means of Frasers Property’s aim to deliver real places for real people and encourage community contribution.