A forward-thinking community that balances today’s lifestyle with tomorrow’s environment.

Sustainable Living

Port Coogee offers you a new home and a whole new lifestyle in a community that is leading the way towards a smarter, more sustainable future. The environmental, economic and social sustainability of Port Coogee have been priorities for the development since the very beginning.

Port Coogee is proud to have achieved sustainability outcomes that are over and above statutory requirements in the areas of Ecosystems, Water, and Community.


Port Coogee works to protect and enhance the health and sustainability of the area's natural systems, its support of and commitment to native biodiversity, and our award-winning rehabilitation of the original site.


We have reduced potable water use by 20%, compared to regulatory requirements. Port Coogee has achieved this through stormwater harvesting, as well as improved efficiency of water use, water recycling and providing water-wise landscaping packages to minimize the use of potable water.


Port Coogee continues to take steps that create a vibrant, cohesive, sustainable community; a community that aims to reduce reliance on private motor vehicles, has good community facilities and safe and accessible buildings.