News | 11 September 2014

Coastal Sea Levels

Coastal Sea Levels

Planning for predicted future sea level rise.

The Department of Planning on behalf of the Western Australian Planning Commission has completed a review of State Planning Policy 2.6 - State Coastal Planning Policy. The review took into account the latest coastal planning information locally, nationally and internationally; learning gained over 10 years of application of the policy, and an extensive internal and targeted external consultation.

In response to the DRAFT revised Policy, Australand confirms the following in relation to Port Coogee:

  1. The proposed revised setback distances to protect against erosion due to sea level rise is not relevant to Port Coogee as the development is protected by breakwaters and seawalls.
  2. All Port Coogee lot levels are a minimum height of 3.3 metres AHD, which provides a 0.3 metre buffer and with the additional 0.5 metre freeboard, this provides an effective 0.8 metre overall buffer to protect against future predicted sea level rise.