News & events | 10 December 2019

The SensAtion Gallery at the Queens Riverside Precinct

SensAtion Bay

We are very proud to be a major partner of MSWA's SensAtion Gallery - a multi-sensory and immersive adventure suitable for everyone - which is currently held at the Queens Riverside Precinct.

Be prepared to have your senses challenged by more than 20 bespoke and interactive installations created by local artists and influencers, designed to enable you to experience each one of your senses in isolation. The SensAtion Gallery has been organised by the team at MSWA to provide a glimpse into how people with neurological conditions may see, feel, smell, hear, taste and understand the world. 

Be sure to check out this amazing gallery while you can and download the Eye Jack app to see images throughout the gallery come alive. 

Date: Extended! 7-25 January
Location: Queens Riverside Precinct, Cnr Hay St & De Vlamingh Ave, East Perth

See below for information on just some of the rooms you will experience. For more details, head to

The SensAtion of sight

They say vision is the most powerful of all the senses. Our eyes connect us to our surroundings, delivering information to our brain to create an understanding of the world around us. Be prepared to alter your perception of reality and question what is right in front of your eyes in this room, by Artist Ana Cadence. The installation Ana has created is out of balance and on angles that are contrary to normal perception.

Sit in this seamless art space and experience the strange dimensions of the room. You can also write messages that will only be seen with a special light.

Instagram: @universal.hobo #sensAtionofsight #sight

 MSWA SensAtion Gallery

 The SensAtion of Sound

This space is created by Fremantle artist Kim Behets and allows you to experience the relaxation that comes with sound therapy - in this case, specially-curated tracks by the West Australian Symphony Orchestra.

 Lie down in a hammock, step into a sanctuary of sound and take some time to nourish your body and mind.

Instagram: @kimberryberry #soundsofsilence

MSWA SensAtion Gallery

The SensAtion of Smell

In this room, artists Nathan Hall and Jesse Boothey have created a jungle through which is permeated with a blend of beautiful scents created by Melis Perfumery. You are invited to enter and enjoy the sublime aromas of the rainforest, wind and leaves whilst soaking up the serene atmosphere. 

 Instagram: @nathanvhall & @hakunamaboo #scentAtion

MSWA SensAtion Gallery

The SensAtion of Taste

My Kitchen Rules finalist Jordan Bruno has made a big impact in the cooking world and now he's making a splash in the SensAtion Gallery Kitchen! There are pots and pans, flour and pasta for you to play with, as well as a lot of fantastic photo opportunities!

 Instagram: @jordanbrunoofficial #SensationTasteorium

MSWA SensAtion Gallery

The SensAtion of Touch

This exhibition is designed to get you in touch with your sense of touch! Artist Zak Hasleby has designed a wall of holes (much like swiss cheese), that you are invited to put your hand in to see what you feel. Different textures will delight you, as well as arouse your curiosity. See how you feel!

Instagram: @zakhaslebyadventures

MSWA SensAtion Gallery

SensAtion Bay 

 Artist Ashleigh Jade invites you to jump into a pit of balls - this room is so much fun and is definitely insta-worthy!

Instagram: @ashleighjade05 #SensAtionBay 

MSWA SensAtion Gallery

All Roads Lead to the Brain

 Artist Jamey-Lee Franz has created a space in which he represents the firing synapses in the brain with electronics and cleverly strung lights.

 Walk into this room and experience the magic and beautify for yourself.

Instagram: @jameyleefranz #allroadsleadhere #neuro

MSWA SensAtion Gallery

There is so much more to explore and learn about at the SensAtion Gallery, so head to for more information.

Images courtesy of SensAtion Gallery.