A Different Way

It's how we create better, smarter spaces.

 A Different Way: Progressive Thinking, People Focused, Restoring Resources

In 2015 we created A Different Way - a whole new way of thinking and working that helps us boldly grow our business in ways that are good for our people, customers and the environment.

It's been the foundation for a whole suite of exciting changes we've made that affect the way we work more broadly. These changes allow us to set ourselves apart from our competitors and show how Frasers Property is different - more innovative, greener and people-focused - while being authentic and true to ourselves.

We see A Different Way as more than a set of features, but a smart business approach that's ingrained in everything we do, and that gives us the opportunity to lead our industry. It unites and connects our people and projects, and changes our business for the better. Most importantly, it helps us create game-changing value for our customers.

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