Deebing Creek Mission

Community Consultation

Current Status.

A Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) has now been agreed with the traditional owners. The CHMP sets out the way we can continue to work together with the traditional owners and other stakeholders to manage our duty of care for the conservation of Aboriginal cultural heritage on the site. We are focused on working with the Yuggera Ugarapul People around positive outcomes on the land and to commence cultural surveys as outlined in the CHMP. 

  For a full background on the consultation process that has occurred to date and to check out the proposed masterplan, we encourage you to peruse this website. Should you have any further questions, please contact us. 


Frasers Property Australia's community consultation website for the Deebing Creek Mission project has been created to provide both an outline of our community consultation process and to provide an information platform for the community, and other key stakeholders interested in the redevelopment of the former Deebing Creek Mission.


Whilst we will soon commence works onsite, having received development approval in August 2018, we remain committed to working with the community and stakeholders to ensure the heritage values of the site are respected. We encourage community members with memories or experiences of the site to contact the consultation team so that these insights can continue to form part of our heritage response throughout development.

Community consultation.

  In acknowledgment of the historical significance of the land, Frasers Property embarked on a thorough and inclusive community consultation process, which has spanned 3 years. Throughout this time, Frasers Property has conducted around 50 consultation meetings involving over 150 stakeholders. In addition, we commissioned various studies and investigations and produced a proposed heritage response plan to better understand and communicate the history of the site and its features. This work has resulted in a dedicated open space network that is much larger than the existing heritage listed area.

Next steps.

In 2019, Frasers Property will commence preliminary works on the new community in the north western corner of the site, outside the heritage listed area. As works progress, we will have experts on the site helping to ensure we are meeting obligations in accordance with the duty of care guidelines for the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act and the terms of the Heritage Agreement. Consultation on the finer details of the heritage response for the Mission area of the site will be ongoing with the community.

Heritage response plan, key features:

  • 1

    Open space

    More than one third of the site, totaling approximately 37ha, will be dedicated to green open space. 

  • 2

    Story telling

    Installations that retell the important story of the Deebing Creek Mission and its people.

  • 3

    Heritage Trails

    Rehabilitation of the landscape and installation of heritage trails with meeting points at key historical features.

  • 4


    The adaptive reuse of what was potentially the old cricket oval as a local sporting park memorial.

  • 5

    Listed area extensions

    Increasing the space around the Mission Cemetery & providing more space along Deebing Creek, increasing the overall width from 40m to 120m.

  • 6

    Design consideration

    No development of any residential properties in the heritage listed area.

The Proposed Masterplanned Community.

The proposed masterplan design will build upon the open space created through conserving the heritage listed area to provide, in total, approximately 37ha of green space to future residents, this equates to around one third of the site. Launching in 2019, the community masterplan incorporates approximately 925 new homes, sporting fields, cycle and walking paths, a dog park, numerous precinct parks and a school. 

Importantly, as a result of this development, the mission site will again become accessible to the community,
something that has not been possible for the last 103 years.