News & Media | 27 June 2017

New sales centre demonstrates sustainable lifestyle

Sales office

Brookhaven is leading by example in the sustainable lifestyle stakes by creating a sales and display centre that defines the essence of green living.

Brookhaven – Brisbane – 9 June 2017 – Frasers Property Australia is leading by example in the sustainable lifestyle stakes by creating a sales and display centre that defines the essence of green living.

The striking architect-designed modular premises employs an array of sustainable features and sits amid native vegetation at Frasers Property Australia’s Brookhaven masterplanned community in a green pocket of Logan City.

Brookhaven has 1,500 lots and is the company’s first Queensland project to receive a 5-Star Green Star Communities rating from the Green Building Council of Australia, demonstrating excellence in governance, liveability, economic prosperity, environment and innovation.

Cameron Leggatt, General Manager Residential Queensland for Frasers Property Australia, said the sales and display centre brought some of the 150-hectare community’s Green Star aspects to the fore.

“It is important to ensure our future residents can see and connect with sustainable building and lifestyle practices in a tangible way,” Mr Leggatt said.

“We are leading by example by incorporating a range of sustainability initiatives into the Brookhaven sales & display centre.

“It sets the scene for prospective buyers visiting Brookhaven and demonstrates what is possible in the sustainable living space.”

Mr Leggatt said the pre-fab building’s carbon neutral status would be assessed at the end of its first year of operation. 

Encased in lightweight cladding and a continuous skillion roof with 40 solar panels, the 120sqm sales & display centre operates largely off the grid and is powered by solar energy stored in a TESLA battery.

Heating and cooling are provided by geo-thermal airconditioning while hot water is supplied from a pump and storage unit that extracts heat from the air and transfers it to water.

The water supply is harvested from the roof into two 10,000-litre tanks attached to the premises for use on the surrounding landscaping.
Exceptional roof and wall insulation throughout the building reduces the need for occupants to switch on heating or cooling appliances in summer and winter.

Brookhaven Project Sales Manager Rhonda Matthews said the sales & display centre encompass a beautiful environment that creates a balanced and comfortable working place. 

“It is a joy to go to work every day – the geo-thermal air-conditioning is efficient and keeps the temperature well controlled,” Mrs Matthews said. 

“We constantly have prospective buyers coming in and out, and so many people are pleased to see such a high-level of sustainable initiatives. The Tesla Powerwall is a standout for most people.” 

Paolo Bevilacqua, General Manager Sustainability for Frasers Property Australia said the Brookhaven sales and display centre was an example of the company’s commitment to a more sustainable future for its communities.

“That pledge has been crystallised through progressive thinking and complements our commitment to creating places where resources are reused, recycled and restored,” Mr Bevilacqua said.

Brookhaven was the third development in Queensland and the first in Logan City to receive a Green Star Communities rating.

The rating considered the project’s unique features including the creation of a dedicated community portal for residents; employment of a Community Development Officer to facilitate and deliver community programs; and green and sustainable infrastructure such as LED Street lighting, tree retention and water harvesting from surrounding brooks for park irrigation. 

Frasers Property has recently released the second stage of Brookhaven, which is located at Bahrs Scrub just south of the Beenleigh CBD.

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