Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

Become part of a growing community with a sustainable future.

sustainable living

Incorporating a range of industry leading sustainable lifestyle features, Discovery Point offers water recycling facilities and intelligent design and positioning to maximise both solar power and cross ventilation through the apartments.

The Discovery Point masterplan has been designed with the future in mind and highlights best practice building design and responsible living for the future.

  • Site-wide water recycling facilities for toilet flushing, irrigation, laundry and car washing
  • Drought tolerant planting
  • Sun-shade to reduce solar glare
  • Energy and water efficient appliances
  • Apartments oriented to maximise cross airflow and natural light
  • Cycle paths connected to local routes to encourage non-motorised transportation
  • Community car share scheme where residents can access a car without the costs and environmental burden of owning one
  • Community Connections program to foster and grow community spirit and networks
Download our sustainability strategy here