News | 15 March 2016

Free outdoor fitness classes!

Free 45 minute fitness camps will be held every week day at 6:30am at Discovery Park within Discovery Point, Wolli Creek.

Frasers Property Australia is rising to the challenge to create a fitter, healthier and happier Australia by rolling out Live Life Get Active camps across our communities, championed by former Olympian Jane Fleming.

Discovery Point free 45 minute fitness camps will be held every week day (excluding school holidays) at 6.30am at Discovery Park within Discovery Point, Wolli Creek. Participants will meet in front of Tempe House and to register for the camp just visit the website

  • A mix of different fitness classes over the week
  • Available to the whole community, not just Discovery Point residents
  • Anyone can register and come along
  • Tailored nutrition plan
  • Record and track your progress online
  • Did we mention it's FREE!

Click here to view the timetable.

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A fully qualified Live Life Get Active trainer will be on site to coach participants through the free fitness training sessions with activities including yoga, active boxing and active cross training. 

Whether it’s reaching a fitness goal, losing weight or meeting someone new, Live Life Get Active will make the most of the Discovery Point surrounds and help people enjoy an active lifestyle.

As the developer of Discovery Point, Frasers Property is sponsoring the Live Life Get Active camps as part of its commitment to leaving a positive, lasting legacy in the local community.

Everyone associated with Frasers Property’s Discovery Point – including residents, their families and friends, neighbours and the company’s own staff – will be encouraged to register with Live Life Get Active and enjoy the benefits of free fitness sessions in their local neighbourhood.  

Live Life Get Active is a private social initiative that, with the financial support of local governments and companies like Frasers Property, provides simple health, fitness and nutritional education both online and in active camps held in parks, suburbs and cities across Australia.

It’s entirely free for participants – due to the support of partners like Frasers Property – and there’s an emphasis on having fun along the way, explains Live Life Get Active CEO Amanda King.

“Developers often talk about creating a sense of belonging, but to truly inspire people to come together you need to do more than simply build a park. You need to add to the social fabric, provide tangible solutions and real reasons for the community to interact,” Ms King explains.

“In our meetings with members of the Frasers Property team, it was clear they felt a sense of responsibility to create more than just bricks and mortar but also to foster a real sense of community. Creating positive change for the community is what Live Life Get Active is about.

“It’s progressive thinking for a property company to make a national commitment to the Live Life Get Active program. It’s clear that Frasers Property sees the bigger picture and we’re proud to call them a national partner,” Ms King says.

According to Ms King, Live Life Get Active is about creating a “welcoming, unintimidating and unpretentious environment for real people” to take the necessary steps to live a healthier life.

This is a perfect fit with Frasers Property’s core purpose to create real places for real people.

Anthony Boyd, Executive General Manager Residential for Frasers Property Australia, says “We place great importance on leaving a positive legacy in the local communities we create. We really want our communities to be welcoming, friendly and healthy places and making a national commitment to Live Life Get Active is one of the ways in which we hope to achieve this.”

“Life Life Get Active is a brilliant initiative which will see free fitness camps occurring every week for most of the year. Ideally these activities will be undertaken in the majority of communities we’re developing across Australia,” added Mr Boyd.

The Live Life Get Active program has been designed so anyone, regardless of age, level of fitness or motivation, can benefit from real-world advice, education and support.

“When people register we begin by tailoring a meal plan for them with one crucial difference: our focus is on nutrition, not dieting,” explains Ms King.

“Instead of telling people what to eat, we instead show how ‘plate proportions’ – the balance of vegetables, proteins and the like – can be used to create a healthy meal. By sticking to these proportions, people can plan meals to fit their budget as well as their personal taste.

“On the exercise front, Live Life Get Active camps are free, and participants can attend whichever session is convenient to their home or workplace. We supply all equipment and cover participants’ insurance to appeal to as broad a cross section of the community as possible.

“When people head down to the local park to exercise together it’s not only good for their motivation, it also sets in motion a routine – and routine is important to set people on a path to change,” Ms King says.