News | 19 August 2016

Fairwater Construction Update

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The Boulevard Collection

We reached a major milestone on the Boulevard site this month with framework for all homes now complete. It is exciting to see the new homes taking shape from the ground up en masse! Brickwork and roofing has advanced well, progressing to over 75% completion. Internal gyprock and painting is continuing across the entire stage, while tiling work has started on the initial lots. 
Settlements are currently forecast for February 2017.

The Avenue Collection

We are getting closer to the final stages of construction to homes in The Avenue Collection, with the first batch of homes (CN4101-4105 and CN4137-4140) coming up for customer pre-settlement inspections in the third week of August. Inspections to other homes in this collection will follow progressively over late August to mid September and we will make contact with you as your particular home gets closer to this point. Currently we are continuing with the internal fitouts of kitchens, bathrooms, cabinetry installation and painting works. All facades have now been completed. Landscaping is progressing well throughout the stage and is over 50% complete. We expect settlements to commence from mid September and continue to the end of the month. 

The Greenbank Collection

Pre-settlement inspections have commenced for the more advanced homes in this stage and will continue shortly for the remaining homes. We are currently finalising the remaining kitchen and bathroom fitouts, cabinetry installation and painting works. All facades have now been completed. Landscaping has progressed well over the past few weeks and is nearing completion. Plans were released from council on Thursday and have now been lodged with the Land and Property Information office for registration. We anticipate registration to take place within the next two to three weeks. We expect settlements to commence from mid September and continue progressively throughout the month. 

The Jacaranda Collection

Construction in The Jacaranda Collection is progressing in two stages. For some homes, groundworks were the major focus for homes within the Jacaranda Collection this month with piering commencing to the homes fronting Fairwater Boulevard. We expect the first slabs to be laid shortly and the remaining to follow progressively over the coming weeks. Drainage works to the carcourt and adjoining lots are now underway, and concrete formwork has started to the detached garages that sit adjacent. Construction of the retaining walls around the carcourt has also begun. For other homes in this collection, slab works and framing were the major focus this month, with piering finalised on all lots and the majority of slabs now laid. Framing has been erected to over 50% of these homes and brickwork has commenced to the initial lots. It is exciting to watch the shape of the new homes emerge progressively from the ground up! Construction of the car court continues with the first sections of concrete now in place. Settlements are currently forecast for April - June 2017, we will keep you updated on more specific timing as this gets closer.

 The Ashlar Collection

The most significant recent milestone from the Ashlar site is the completion of deep core drilling works for the installation of Geothermal air-conditioning - Geothermal air-conditioning is an extremely efficient and innovative system which uses the natural 'green' energy from the earth's core to warm or cool the air in the home. It is a major initiative of our 6 Star Green Star Certification at Fairwater and we are very excited to be the first development in NSW to implement this technology at scale! Back to what else is happening on site, we are pleased to report that the construction of roads and installation of water, sewer, electrical, gas and NBN services are now completed. Groundworks are commencing on site and we expect the first batch of floor slabs to commence towards the en of this month. At this stage we anticipate that settlements will occur mid 2017.

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