Parklands & playlands

Parklands & playlands

Parklands & playlands.

At Fairwater you can enjoy getting back to nature with over 9.5 hectares of dedicated public open space. Local flora has been retained and relocated to create a distinct and lush natural habitat, while tree-lined streetscapes lead to pockets of green. Shaded, family-friendly playgrounds create natural meeting places across the community, and include children's play equipment as well as picnic shelters and outdoor fitness stations. 

Fairwater boasts more than 1.5 ha of ponds, wetlands and waterways nurturing habitats for native flora and fauna and a unique tranquil oasis. You can stroll along a boardwalk, overlook the water and wildlife from the bridge or take the little ones to a water play area especially designed and built for toddlers. 

Take a sneak peek at Fairwater's Central Park, opening 2020.


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