Creating homes across Australia since 1924

Creating homes across Australia since 1924

Introducing Frasers Property


There’s one measure above all that tells us we’ve succeeded. We never ask to see it, but we observe it often: it’s the smile of pride in what you’ve achieved.

It’s seen in the nod of a neighbour, the togetherness of friends, or the laughter of children at play. Small moments that become the measure of how well you’ve planned and saved and worked to make it all happen. We’ve been creating memorable places for Australians to feel proud of since 1924. Underpinning our strength is the support of parent company, Frasers Property Limited - one of the world’s leading real-estate brands, managing over S$30 billion in assets on five continents.

Global in scale, we remain local at heart. After almost a century of creating homes and places for tens of thousands of Australians, experience tells us that what matters the most is the simple joy of living in a place you’re proud to call home.

live proud

Introducing Shellharbour City Council

Shellharbour City Council leads by example in balancing the area’s natural beauty with the needs of a growing community. Through its framework of a City of Vision, the Council is focused on achieving results for dynamic and sustainable developments for a modern society.