Super neighbourhood centres: a licence to experiment

Local shopping centres can better reflect their community by experimenting with the tenancy mix to strike the right local chords. Tim Moore, General Manager – Retail Leasing, says super-neighbourhood centres encourage a brave leasing approach.

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    Be local

    Super-neighbourhood centres are places that local communities can have a hand in shaping and feel a degree of ownership in.

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    Be brave

    They encourage an adventurous approach to leasing and can be a breeding ground for new retail concepts, including local ones.

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    Be engaged

    It means engaging with the community from the outset to discover the types of retail and services mix they want, and to fill gaps in the local offering.

For over a decade, the retail property sector globally has been the protagonist in a tale of paradoxes.

On the one hand, disruption at the hands of online retailing has left a wake of destruction for many retailers, centre owners and industries.

While on the other hand, entirely new industries and companies have exploded from obscurity to dominance in the space of a few years.

Amid all the churn, retailers and owners are increasingly positioning customer experience at the core of the product.

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Super-neighbourhoods now leasing

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