Prosperity Share

Share proudly with your family

Imagine gifting the Australian dream to your family. Due to popularity, we're proud to announce that Prosperity Share - our initiative that gives Prosperity members an opportunity to share their exclusive rewards and benefits with family - is here to stay, for good. This means the ability to reward your family members with access to referral bonuses and purchase discounts is with you forever.

So, isn't it time you got sharing? 


How it works

Prosperity Share is now part of the everyday benefits of the Prosperity program. To take advantage, simply refer a family member, and if they purchase a property with us, they'll get access to select rewards and benefits; including priority notification, a 2 or 3% purchase discount (depending on your rewards level) and access to VIP events.


For you...

  • 01

    Referral Bonus

    Refer family, get rewarded. That's right, when you refer a family member not on our database, and they purchase a property*, you'll receive a $2,000 referral bonus.

  • 02

    3% Purchase Discount

    When your referred family member purchases a property* with us, you'll automatically be awarded with an enviable 3%* discount for any future purchases*.

  • 03

    Share Proudly

    Beyond your rewards, you can take pride in knowing your investment in a Frasers Property Australia allows you to share enviable privileges with your loved ones, through the Prosperity Loyalty Rewards program.

For them...

  • 01

    Priority Access

    Once your family member is in our system, they'll receive priority notification access to our new releases prior to the general public, including the early opportunity to purchase before others.

  • 02

    2 or 3% Purchase Discount

    Upon the settlement of their purchase, your referred family member will enjoy a 2 or 3%* purchase discount, depending on your rewards level - an enviable perk designed to make a real difference.

  • 03

    VIP Events

    Following referral, your family member will gain exclusive access to VIP events and offers. And once they've purchased, they will become part of the Frasers Property Australia family of owners and Prosperity members.

Refer a family member

Simply fill in our online referral form and we'll do the rest.

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*Terms and conditions apply. Click here to read more.