Building Partners.

Building Partners.

Affordable, sensible and convenient.

To enhance Cova’s resort-style amenities, all properties within the community are purchased under community title.

At Cova, all owners automatically become members of the body corporate that has responsibility for the upkeep of shared property and facilities (such as Club Cova) and the maintenance of parklands and common garden areas, etc.

The benefits of Cova’s Body Corporate include:

  • Club Cova 
  • An on-site Resident Manager to assist in looking after your investment 
  • Maintenance of streets and public parks 
  • Maintenance of entryway into Cova to preserve your sense of arrival 
  • Management of residents wanting to rent their premises for short or extended periods 
  • Onsite security camera surveillance

Community Title Schemes are becoming increasingly popular in Queensland and represent an affordable, sensible and convenient lifestyle choice for many. It can greatly benefit homeowners in a community like Cova by allowing them access, and a sense of ownership, for shared facilities that would be too costly to maintain otherwise.