At home with Carolyn Young

Carolyn Young looks back on 2014 as one of the most difficult periods of her life. Yet it was also the year she moved to Hamilton Reach, and for this mother and Grandmother, the safety and warmth of her community has been tonic for the soul.

20 June 2022

What do you love most about life at Hamilton Reach?

It’s a safe community and when you live on your own that’s very important. You’re not just a face, your neighbours know you and the building managers, Mary and Fiona, genuinely care.

I love to sit on my balcony and watch the river come to life. Before the pandemic, I used to watch the giant cruise ships and American Navy vessels sail past. The surroundings are lovely too. When you walk to the water’s edge you can always see life taking place. I’ve never, ever felt that I wanted to leave here. You have so much privacy but there’s a strong sense of community too.

Has your experience of the community changed as the masterplan evolves?

Hamilton Reach is a community you can grow with. I arrived here in 2014, after my husband Samuel passed away, and lived in Parkside Circuit – well before the arrival of Atria, Newport and Riverlight. It was a very sad time in my life, and at the time I had my own health challenges to overcome. Since then, I’ve moved twice within Hamilton Reach, and I’m very happily settled in Watermarque.

What was it like to observe the recent flood event from Hamilton Reach?

It has been an extraordinary time for our city. Hamilton Reach was unaffected by the event, we are incredibly fortunate here. From our vantage point, we were able to witness the large amounts of debris that floated along the river. Very much at odds with how peaceful this section of river usually is.

You recently contributed to the community fundraiser for RizeUp, tell us more.

My daughter Cherelle is such a giving person and I draw so much inspiration from her. One day while we were talking on the phone, I mentioned the fundraiser for RizeUp, and she said she would arrange a ‘Click and Collect’ donation from Woolworths. When I arrived to collect the shopping later that day, there were so many bags. Coffee, drinks, cereal and plenty of things kids love. Enough to fill four pantries. I’m very proud of her. It was wonderful to be able to contribute.

Why is the act of giving so special?

The world can be a very hard place at times and we’ve seen so much of that recently. So, when you see someone who needs a little extra help, that is just something that we do because it’s who we are. You don’t do it to be praised. The act of giving is a reward in itself.

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