News | 27 March 2017

The Residences come to life - 130 years in the making

Yungaba House

Yungaba House edges closer to launch

More than 130 years of rich Brisbane history is set to be brought to life with the pending launch of Brisbane’s most unique and exclusive residential offering, The Residences at Yungaba House.
The highly anticipated project, undertaken by Frasers Property Australia, one of Australia’s leading developers, is a masterpiece of restoration for a landmark property that has been an integral part of the Brisbane city landscape for generations.

The Residences, a tranquil oasis in a vibrant urban setting along the banks of the Brisbane River at Kangaroo Point, will comprise 10 unique luxury homes, with heritage elements maintained to reflect their part in the history of Brisbane.

“The release of The Residences will be an exciting new chapter in the evolution of this wonderful building which has stood the test of time and played such an important role for so many people in Brisbane,” said Cameron Leggatt, General Manager Residential Queensland for Frasers Property Australia.

“What we have created here is a series of truly remarkable living spaces, the likes of which are unique to Brisbane. The restoration work has been done with a keen attention to detail, while also creating modern luxury spaces of the highest standards.  “The work has been challenging, but highly rewarding for the entire team who worked so hard to bring this to fruition.”

One of Australia’s largest construction companies, Hutchinson Builders is in the penultimate stages of its meticulous construction program which is the culmination of more than 10 years of planning and execution.

The Residences are expected to be released to the market in May 2017 and Mr Leggatt says the enquiry level has been strong.

“We have had enquiries from all over the world for what we would suggest is a trophy property,” said Mr Leggatt. “Buyers looking for luxury fused with history have been well aware for many years that this offering is underway. There is strong interest now that the construction program is concluding.”

Yungaba House’s history dates to 1887 when it was established as a facility to house new immigrants landing in Brisbane. In later years, it was used as a temporary refuge for destitute soldiers returning from the Boer War. In the 1930s it became an accommodation centre for workers building the new Story Bridge, as well as a design studio for bridge engineer John Bradfield, and later as a hospital in World War II.

Yungaba House was used by various community groups during the 1990’s including BEMAC and was acquired by Frasers Property Australia (then Australand) in 2003.
Frasers Property has spent the past decade bringing the restoration of this historic home to fruition, enlisting Brisbane’s top experts in the field at Arqus Design and Hutchinson Builders to deliver the landmark project to the market.

The Residences are a masterful combination of the old and new, with original woodwork featured throughout the stunning, one-of-a-kind homes. They comprise three and four-bedroom configurations with modern kitchens and amenities, and all have river views facing East to the water. Original details are featured throughout, including sash windows, all of which have been reglazed and re-engineered for the modern residence.  The volume of living space is enhanced by high ceilings, chandeliers in some homes and large wooden doors with copies of the original iron keys, complemented by high-tech security throughout.

“The Residences are a remarkable achievement for everyone who worked on this project,” said Mr Leggatt. “The quality, the workmanship and the living space that we have created is second to none.”

The Residences will be released to the market in May 2017.

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