Real Utilities Customer Payment Support Program


Real Utilities provides a Customer Payment Support Program (CPSP) to support our customers through difficult times. The benefits and features of the CPSP is summarised in this document. 

1. Why we have the CPSP Program

The CPSP helps customers who currently, or may in the future, have difficulty paying their energy bills on the standard monthly cycle. We do this by being flexible and giving extra assistance to support our customers to better manage their energy usage, payment and debt. Real Utilities will treat all of customers with respect, courtesy and empathy and without judgement. Customers experiencing difficulty are assigned an CPSP Team to manage their participation in the CPSP.

2. Entry into the CPSP

To participate in the CPSP a customer must meet the following criteria: 

- Have a current residential customer account for energy services with Real Utilities;1  and 

- Be experiencing short-term or long-term financial difficulty; and

We understand that our customers may experience either short or long periods of financial difficulty for a range of reasons. If customers are experiencing any difficulties paying their electricity bills, they (or their financial counsellors) should call Real Utilities to discuss their eligibility for the CPSP.
Our Customer Service Team is trained to assist customers throughout this process in a supportive and non-judgemental manner. Real Utilities will respect the confidentiality of our customers in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

3. Support available in the CPSP

Depending on a customer’s needs, the support available through our CPSP can include:

 - Short, medium, or long-term flexible payment arrangements (including through Centrepay) taking into account the customer’s capacity to pay and current energy consumption needs and debt;

- Advice and assistance in managing energy consumption efficiently;

- Free energy audits over the phone or at home;

- Assistance with energy efficient products and appliances;

- Assistance in seeking out government funded concessions and rebates;

- Referral information for financial counselling services

- Guaranteed non-disconnection for non-payment of energy bills for customers actively engaging with the CPSP; and

- Review of appropriateness of the customer’s contract, at no cost.

In some cases, and at our discretion, customised assistance for a customer’s specific needs and circumstances, including debt management options, may be available.

5. Contact us

If customers have questions about our Policy, or wish to participate in the CPSP, they should contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 16 16 68 between 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m., Monday to Friday. Language assistance is available through our Customer Service Team on 1300 16 16 68.

Further details about the CPSP are set out in the Real Utilities CPSP Policy. The Policy can be found on the Real Utilities website at and copies will be provided at no cost to customers on request.