Making smarter, sounder investment decisions

Sustainability priorities evolve constantly. We need to constantly rethink and reconsider our current investments to ensure we’re focused on the future, and making choices that help us look after both people and the planet. As a company, we are working hard to make sustainability a priority at all levels of our business. 

Our 2030 goal

Social, environmental and governance metrics for all investments.

Our short-term targets

We will do this by:

  • Introducing environmental, social and governance factors into our risk assessment process by 2016.
  • Meeting the high targets that we have set ourselves for Green Star certification. Green Star Certification is a formal process during which a building, fitout, or precinct is awarded a rating by an independent panel of sustainable development experts through a documentation-based assessment. Our goal is that all the developments and properties that we own or manage will achieve Green Star certification by 2018. This will include the following minimum targets:
    • Commercial, industrial and retail new developments - 5-star Green Star Design & As Built certification, representing "Australian Excellence".
    • Residential new developments - 4-star Green Star Communities or Design & As Built certification, representing "Australian Best Practice".
    • Corporate office new fitouts - 5-star Green Star Interiors certification, representing "Australian Excellence".
    • Commercial and industrial existing portfolio - 4-star Green Star Performance portfolio certification, representing "Australian Best Practice".