Frasers Property Australia & Citta property group invite you to re-imagine urban living

Frasers Property Australia and Citta bring together technical and financial expertise, industry professionalism and a remarkable contribution to Australia’s rapidly developing residential landscape.

A well-established collaboration between two top ranking industry professionals has delivered an outstanding portfolio of developments to transform Melbourne’s residential landscape.

Always conscious of orientation, location and community, Frasers Property Australia and Citta’s mutual dedication to high quality, well considered developments is taking Melbourne into the future.

Local at heart but international of mind, Frasers Property Australia creates real places for real people. From warm family homes to dynamic spaces for business, our 90 years' experience in Australia guarantees quality and reliability every time.

Citta, a well respected, large-scale specialist property developer, with in excess of $1billion in projects across Australia’s east coast alone, brings expertise in complex property assets to a long-standing partnership that thrives on innovation and a clear vision for the future.