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With its beautiful country setting and convenient proximity to Melbourne, Wallara Waters by Frasers Property Australia is an idyllic place to raise your family.

23 February 2021

With its beautiful country setting and convenient proximity to Melbourne, Wallara Waters by Frasers Property Australia is an idyllic place to raise your family.

The town of Wallan is experiencing some of the fastest growth in the region, adding to its educational opportunities to offer an abundance of school and childcare options.

If you’re thinking about buying one of the house and land packages in Wallan, your kids can go to one of the many established or new schools in the area.

Let’s take a closer look at the local schools near Wallara Waters in Wallan.


Wallan childcare

When you move to Wallara Waters, you can take advantage of the quality Wallan childcare and early learning opportunities nearby.

Wallan Kindergarten is a quick 3 minute drive away--or a pleasant stroll under half an hour.

There’s also Dudley Street Childcare and Kindergarten just a 4 minute drive away. Or if you’re on a fitness kick, it’s a 40 minute walk from your new home at Wallara Waters.

About the same distance away, you’ll find Creative Garden Early Education and Quality Kids Childcare and Kindergarten, offering both kindy and preschool. 

Or just one minute further afield (your list of childcare options really does go on!) there’s Wallan’s Journey Early Learning Centre.

If you work or have family in Kilmore, there are a number of early learning centres there that might be convenient for you. Kilmore Childcare Centre, Bassetts Road Early Learning Centre, Marie Williams Kilmore Kindergarten and Nurture One Children’s Centre just to name a few!

All of the Kilmore childcare and kindy opportunities within 20 minutes drive, perfect for busy mums and dads going about their day.


Wallan primary schools

The Wallan primary schools near Wallara Waters are in abundance!

Wallan Primary School is just a 5 minute drive away, letting you drop the kids off and go about your day without a fuss.

Beveridge Primary school is also close—just 10 minutes via the Northern Highway.

Our Lady of the Way Catholic Primary school recently opened up. If your preference is a catholic education, then this brand new school is just a 10 minute walk from home.

Further afield, there’s Wadanong primary school just a 10 minute drive from the Wallara Waters community, or Upper Plenty Primary School in neighbouring Upper Plenty.

And if that wasn’t enough, head into Killmore just a 15 minute drive away, where you’ll find options including Kilmore Primary School, St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School.


Wallan secondary schools

As kids get older, they love their independence, just as parents love to see them earn it!

From your new home in Wallara Waters, your kids can walk to Wallan Secondary School within half an hour.

Or in the neighbouring towns of Kilmore and Whitlesea, Whittlesea Secondary College, Kilmore International School, and Assumption College are just 15-20 minutes drive away.

Most exciting is the brand new school proposed for the area! 

This will sit right beside the Wallara Waters estate. If this project goes ahead, your kids will have an even more convenient and close option for their schooling.


Vocational training in Wallan

It’s not every regional town that has its own TAFE, but Wallan enjoys the benefits of a Goulburn Ovens campus right in the heart of town.

This highly esteemed TAFE is the largest in regional Victoria. The Wallan campus is just a 4 minute drive or half hour stroll from Wallara Waters homes.

It’s not hard to see why Goulburn Ovens TAFE is such a well-regarded vocational training institution. With a range of courses on offer, you can upskill, retrain, or follow your own pathway to university. 

Among the study areas available, Goulburn Ovens in Wallan offers:

  • Business & IT

  • Creative

  • Hair & beauty

  • Health & community

  • Hospitality & banking

  • Manufacturing & safety

  • Land &8 animals

  • Technical trades

  • education

  • And more!

Goulburn Ovens in Wallan is a new institute, meaning it is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and facilities. 


Put education first

If there was once a time when living in the country limited your opportunities, that era is gone for good.

If you're considering house and land packages in Wallan, your kids can soak up the peace of country living while reaping all the benefits of a quality education.

From Wallan Childcare and Wallan Primary School to opportunities further afield in Kilmore and Whittlesea, you will have plenty of choice when it comes to schools.

And with new developments planned, Wallan offers an exciting future for those residents calling it home!

Want the best opportunity for your kids?

Chat to a consultant today about house and land packages in Wallara Waters.

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