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100 Years of Proud and connected communities

19 December 2023

This year marks a major historical milestone for Frasers Property – a centenary of developing Australia that extends all the way back to the days of property pioneer T.M Burke in 1924.

One of the first national property development companies, T.M Burke’s expansive holdings were acquired by Hooker Corporation in the middle part of the twentieth century. That business would go on to be bought by Australand in the early 1990s, eventually to be merged with global property brand Frasers Property to become Frasers Property Australia in 2015.

In those 100 years, huge swathes of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth—not to mention regional centres and towns all over the country—have been developed by these well-known names. Places like Sunshine Beach, Peregian, and the Centenary suburbs of Brisbane; Freshwater Place and Botanica Park in Melbourne; King Street Wharf and Killarney Heights in Sydney; as well as Queens Riverside and The Maltings in Perth.

It’s a proud history we’re excited to celebrate. Inside the pages of this special centenary edition of the Live proud magazine, we look back at that history of development, as well as the way Australian life has evolved to cater for new cultures, technologies, challenges, and opportunities.

But as enjoyable and nostalgic it is to recall the past, it’s the 100 years to come that really has our attention.

We know that to continue in our role as a leading developer of proud Australian neighbourhoods, we must address some of the big issues that face our nation.

How can we create neighbourhoods that encourage a greater sense of belonging and social connection? How can we create more diversity of housing choice and affordability? What must we do to ensure we leave a lighter footprint on the earth?

The answers aren’t always easy, and we know we can’t do it on our own. That’s why we’ve partnered with Ending Loneliness Together and sponsored the documentary, The Great Separation. It’s why we’re a preferred partner with state governments to redevelop aging and disused neighbourhoods into thriving and vibrant new multi-tenure communities.

And it’s why we’re committed to building stronger, smarter, happier neighbourhoods that create a sense of belonging.

These stories and more are unpacked in this special edition of Live proud. I hope you enjoy reading it—it was 100 years in the making.

Anthony Boyd
CEO, Frasers Property Australia

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