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Unearthing The Quarry

Brisbane’s elevated urban oasis

25 January 2024

Rising high above the Brisbane suburb of Keperra, a new project by Frasers Property Australia is a remarkable testament to visionary urban renewal, sustainability, and a harmonious blending of topography and modernity. The Quarry is set to transform a once scarred and arid landscape into a vibrant, green, and close-knit community.

For more than half a century, the western side of Enoggera Hill in the Brisbane suburb of Keperra has been mined for granite, with the material making its way into the city's roads and retaining walls. The quarry's operations, largely concealed by its hillside elevation, meant that the site's breathtaking views were, until recently, an extremely well-kept secret.

That all changed last year, when Frasers Property Australia—the new owners and redevelopers of the site—launched Brisbane's most elevated new residential community, The Quarry. Where once heavy earthmovers and excavators roamed, a new neighbourhood is now taking shape amidst a rewilded and regreened landscape.

The Quarry

Nick Kostellar, Development Director for The Quarry, knows the area well, having grown up in the surrounding suburbs. Yet, even for him, The Quarry held unexpected surprises. Nick's first visit to the site left him in awe of its potential.

"It's a dramatic site with a lot of unique elements to it," says Nick. "The first is the elevation and the views. Particularly at its highest points, where some homesites sit at around 170 metres above sea level, there are spectacular vistas toward the D'Aguilar Range, Glasshouse Mountains, Moreton Bay and beyond."

The Quarry

"The second characteristic is the geology. The kind of rock we're working with really dictates the engineering approach. But it also creates an opportunity to celebrate it and use it in a way that highlights its natural beauty within a landscaped environment."

Frasers Property spent close to two years conducting civil construction works to unearth that beauty before revealing the first land lots on the market. The works included creating a public entry point to the site with an impressive cliffside entry statement and constructing internal roads that lead to the Rothelowman-designed residents' pavilion with landscaped gardens and pools. In honour of the site's history, a large boulder perched at the eastern entry to the pavilion is an imposing reminder that this new neighbourhood is quite literally carved from ancient stone.

‘Threading the green'

More than 40 per cent of The Quarry is dedicated to existing bushland and newly curated green space and resident amenities. Nick sees the approach to landscape regeneration, with its dedication to rebuilding biodiversity and planting of more than 100,000 plants and trees, as critical to The Quarry long-term identity and sustainability.

"Our approach to rehabilitating the landscapes touches every aspect of the site," explains Nick. "It starts with the way streets and pathways will be landscaped to create a more walkable environment, expanding upwards and across the hillside to meet the forest canopy of Enoggera Hill.

"Punctuated throughout will be pocket parks and lookout areas to take in the views. We call it ‘threading the green' and it's an approach that creates a really beautiful and serene experience from top to bottom."

As part of the process of landscape renewal, the project has introduced a bee colony on-site to assist in the regreening.

"Bees play a critical role in pollination and regreening," says Nick "So, we've got a bee colony on-site to assist in that strategy. We put them in about two years ago, and they've been such hard workers that we've been able to harvest more than 70 litres of honey to bottle and give as gifts to new residents. The gift of honey has been a great way to connect people with the importance of environmental renewal and caring for our local landscapes and biodiversity."

Next-level amenity and lifestyle

The Quarry

The resort-style amenities of The Quarry have been designed to enhance the quality of life of its residents, not just through moments of relaxation and recreation, but opportunities to connect with their neighbours and friends in social spaces.

The centrepiece is ClubQ—the $5 million residents' recreation centre offering designated spaces for yoga and meditation, an entertainer's kitchen, work and library zones, lap and recreational pools, sun decks, and a gym. It even features a water play zone and a kick-and-play sports oval for the kids.

Future retail amenities are also planned. The neighbourhood will soon offer a place to grab a coffee, shop for everyday essentials, or access childcare and other services—all moments from home.

For Nick, the legacy of a project like The Quarry lies in its transformation potential. He sees his role as breathing new life back into the scarred hill while creating a place that's truly unique in Brisbane's urban fabric.

"This is without doubt one of the most significant urban renewals Frasers Property has ever undertaken, and it's both a challenge and opportunity that we've wholeheartedly embraced," says Nick. "Some of Brisbane's most celebrated precincts have been transformed from former industrial uses into the sort of vibrant places people are irresistibly attracted to. I believe The Quarry will be one of those places when it's complete."

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