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Care that lasts a lifetime

Live Proud Spring Summer 2019

Buying a property should be more than just a transaction; it's the beginning of a lifetime of value.

 From the moment you purchase a home in a Frasers Property community, you’re introduced to our highly‑skilled Customer Care team in each state, dedicated to guiding you through every stage of your property journey so you can enjoy your new home or investment, worry‑free.

Fiona Johnson, Prosperity Care Manager, WA

Buying a home can be a stressful time for people, especially if they’ve never done it before or they’re downsizing from a large family home to an apartment. We’re able to help them through that process because we have the knowledge that they might not have; insurance, strata, services, maintenance and so on. And beyond these specific questions they might have before they move, we’re also there to provide peace of mind after settlement happens. 

Just because you’ve settled on your home doesn’t mean you’re on your own after that point. I make it absolutely clear that even if their defect period has expired or there are questions they can’t get answered anywhere else, I'm still here. We have projects that are eight or nine years old and clients who will still come to us with questions or help finding documents they might have lost. It provides a lot of comfort to our purchasers, and building those long-term relationships is something I really enjoy as well.

There’s one resident at Queens Riverside who I regard as a good friend of mine. She’s a really lovely lady who’s nearly 80 and moved up from down south to be closer to her children. We attend a council meeting every fortnight and I’ll always meet up with her at her home an hour or so before to share a glass of wine or dinner. Of course, you don’t have those relationships with every client, but I often form some kind of friendship with my purchasers.

Darcy Gibbs, Prosperity Care Manager, VIC

I'm sure we’ve all moved houses before and experienced how stressful that can be, even if you're just going from one rented property to another one. Switching electricity accounts, figuring out what your new meter numbers are, how big the spaces for appliances are - all the things like that can seem pretty mundane, but when you have all of them coming at you at once, it can be a bit overwhelming. Our job is to make sure that our customers receive all of that information accurately and in a timely manner, and know that they can always come to us with any questions at all.

Construction is a complicated process done by a series of experts, built with natural products on natural land that moves. It's not like a car that's built by robots in a perfectly controlled factory environment. It’s normal that issues will arise from time to time. I think it’s important for us as a developer to aim for a defect-free house at handover, and then deal with any minor issues quickly if they do arise later, rather than expecting an issue to be there from the beginning. I think that's a good goal to be striving for. 

The other thing is having a constant focus on what we can do as a company to improve processes and improve the way we deal with suppliers and contractors in order to reduce the impact on the customer. There's a great phrase which is 'don't make our problems the customer's problems'. We really keep that at the heart of everything that we do. 

Debbie Kokanovic, Prosperity Care Manager, NSW

I think we definitely offer a lot of comfort to our purchasers. I always make sure that if I tell someone I’m going to get back to them in two hours, I get back to them in two hours. Even if I don’t have an answer for them yet, I’ll still get back to them. And if it’s something that I can’t give a 100% guarantee on, I’m real with them. I tell them the truth, and that’s what builds confidence in the relationship. 

My most valuable asset to a customer isn’t just knowledge, but also empathy. I always try to put myself in their position to understand what they're feeling, what they are going through, and where their frustrations are coming from. Getting myself into their frame of mind really helps me to understand how I can best help them.

At the moment there’s definitely a lot more concern around quality, which is perfectly understandable given the news stories out there. Unfortunately, the whole industry can be spoiled by the behaviour of a few bad apples. It’s important for us first listen and acknowledge their concerns, and then to drive home that we’re always here to listen, no matter how long it’s been since they settled on their property. We’ve been around 95 years, so we’re not going anywhere! 

Tara Williams, Prosperity Care Manager, QLD

Just recently I had one particular purchaser who was really disheartened when they came to me. They had bought a four-million-dollar property at Hamilton Reach and were worried that they couldn't make some of the variations that they wanted to in their kitchen. They’re particularly interested in cooking and wanted special appliances that unfortunately, there wasn't allowance for in their contract. At the point where I finally got them on the phone, they were selling the home. They were not going to move in.

But I kept talking to them and we made sure that their property was presented so well at the pre-settlement inspection and that we bent over backwards to do anything we could for them. Any time they wanted to come through I would race out there and take them through. We would let them bring their contractors in to make the changes that they wanted. They eventually fell back in love with the property and ended up actually deciding to move in after all!

I'm lucky that I get to get the opportunity to turn those situations around  and provide people with those really positive outcomes. I don't look at negative feedback as something bad, it's an opportunity to change that person's experience. Buying a property is such a huge part of someone's life and I'm just excited to be a part of that. In a traditional sales job you get a relationship for what? 30 days? I get a relationship with these people forever. 


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