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Works at new Ripley Valley community to commence next month

Residential  |  16 January 2019
Frasers Property Australia
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Frasers Property Australia
Ripley Valley

Frasers Property receives approval for historic site

  • Visit for a full outline of the Deebing Creek Mission Community Consultation and to view the Deebing Heights Project Update video.
  • New masterplanned community will integrate approximately 925 homes and more than 37ha of open green space 
  • Site includes the Queensland Heritage Place Listing for the former Deebing Creek Mission 
  • Masterplan reflects key insights from Frasers Property’s three year community consultation process 
  • Upon completion of the development, mission site to become accessible to the public for the first time in 103 years 
Frasers Property Australia will soon commence work on a new masterplanned community in Ripley Valley, providing much-needed housing within the Priority Development Area identified by the Queensland Government. Upon completion of the community, this will see the opening of the former Deebing Creek Mission site to the public, something that has not been possible for the past 103 years.
Following an extensive three-year community consultation process, development approval for the new community’s first precinct was received in August 2018, followed by Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act approval and the signing of a Heritage Agreement with State Government in October 2018.
Frasers Property will begin preliminary works in the north-western corner of the 115ha site, outside the heritage-listed area, in February 2019. 
The new community is in the heart of Ripley Valley, South East Queensland’s fastest-growing residential corridor, and will include approximately 925 new homes, sporting fields, multiple parks and a school. 
Frasers Property purchased the land in the emerging corridor in 2015, part of which contains the Queensland Heritage Place Listing for the former Deebing Creek Mission, specifically in the site’s south and in a narrow corridor along Deebing Creek. The cemetery adjoining the site, also Heritage Place Listed, is owned by the State Government and is not part of Frasers Property’s land. 
An important principle of the new community is to respect and communicate the important cultural significance of the site, explains Cameron Leggatt, General Manager - Residential Queensland, Frasers Property Australia.
“We have undertaken a thorough community consultation process over the last few years, involving over 50 meetings with more than 150 stakeholders, to ensure we fully understand and appreciate the important history and heritage values associated with this site,” Mr Leggatt says.
“It has been a rich learning experience for the team, we’ve received many insights during the consultation, and the masterplan for the new community reflects what we’ve learnt throughout this process.” 
Mr Leggatt says particular care has been taken to secure a Heritage Agreement to acknowledge and respect the site’s significance and to provide the community with certainty around the conservation outcomes for the site. 
“At the completion of this community, the Mission site will again become accessible to the public, something that has not been possible for 103 years,” Mr Leggatt says. 
“The Mission site is an important part of Queensland history, and is particularly significant to descendants of the indigenous people who were residents at the Mission.” 
The masterplan respects the historical importance of the land and, most importantly, the Mission area will be dedicated as public open space with no residential development to occur within the heritage-listed area. 
“Almost one-third of the masterplan is devoted to green open spaces, covering more than 37ha, and the community will incorporate a dedicated parkland network to protect and conserve the significant heritage features,” Mr Leggatt says. 
The heritage-listed former Mission area will feature a memorial sporting field, rehabilitated landscape, heritage trails, installations that re-tell the important story of the Deebing Creek Mission and its people, and increased green space along Deebing Creek. 
Frasers Property will continue to work with the community to create further positive outcomes on the land. 
Frasers Property Australia
Media Release
Frasers Property Australia