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Humble engineer set to change the face of sustainability

Sustainability  |  Events  |  01 April 2019
Frasers Property Australia
Media Release
Frasers Property Australia
Adam Jones and Lisa McCutchion GBCA TRANSFORM event Future Green Leader 2019

Future Green Leader 2019 announced

  • Structural engineer Adam Jones makes his mark on sustainability


If the Future Green Leader 2019 has his way, engineers will realise the power they have to drive a more sustainable agenda.

Adam Jones, a structural engineer with a passion for sustainability, has been crowned Future Green Leader 2019 at the inaugural TRANSFORM event hosted by the Green Building Council of Australia and platinum sponsor Frasers Property Australia.

Adam says winning the award means he has a platform to make a difference.

“The most important thing I can do as a structural engineer is shine the light on the opportunity engineers have when it comes to sustainability,” Adam says.

“Every day when structural engineers go into the office, there is a huge opportunity for them to make a change, but at the moment I don’t think they fully understand the opportunity they have to make an impact.”

By day, Adam works as Technical Officer at WoodSolutions where he aims to accelerate the uptake of sustainably sourced timber in mid-rise construction and reduce use of Portland cement, one of the world’s major greenhouse gas emission culprits.  

In his spare time, he hosts the Future of Structures podcast, guest lectures on sustainability at universities, engineering and architecture firms, and has co-founded the WoodSolutions Young Professionals Network where like-minded individuals come together to develop technical guides and resources. 

His passion for sustainability first emerged while studying civil engineering at university.

“My understanding of the need for sustainability increased. My passion comes from the idea that over the next 30 years I want to have a positive impact on the built environment through my career,” he says. 

“Climate change is potentially the biggest challenge we have ever faced as a species, and one of the biggest opportunities for sustainability to make a difference is in the built environment.” 

Adam says he was drawn to timber because it is the only structural material that can be grown at scale and is a better alternative to steel and concrete.

He says building a sustainable world and economy is the “greatest challenge of our generation”.

“The way we build needs to change fast. For the built environment to change, we need people who are willing to take risks and change the status quo. This is not just those within the discipline of sustainability, but also architects, engineers, developers and builders,” he says.

“Frasers Property is looking to get to zero emissions within 10 years. I don’t think I’ve come across any developers that are so ambitious with targets. The company is showing real leadership in not just talking big but taking real action on that vision.”

Adam says there is a gap in the general public’s understanding of the importance of sustainability in the built environment.

“A lot more can be done to educate the public. It’s also important for those of us striving for rapid change to understand the concerns of others who are sceptical about what that change might mean.”

Lisa McCutchion, General Manager – Innovation and Communication, Frasers Property Australia says Adam’s drive and passion is inspirational.

“Adam has proven that he is not only dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas and carbon emissions but is also working hard to bring innovation into the sustainability space,” Ms McCutchion says.

“He continues to work hard to educate and inspire others and is driven to make a noticeable impact on the built environment.

“It is therefore fitting for Adam to have won the Future Green Leader 2019 award and on behalf of Frasers Property, I would like to congratulate him on the achievement.”

Frasers Property has launched it s zero-carbon roadmap, which commits to ensuring that by 2028 every new property the company delivers will be carbon neutral. Carbon use will be reduced at every stage of the property’s lifecycle from material sourcing to waste recovery. A key part of the roadmap is the growth of Real Utilities, Frasers Property’s own embedded energy business and retailer of cleaner, greener energy. 

TRANSFORM is a two-day conference providing industry professionals with access to over 100 experts who share their visionary insights and work. Attendees are given the opportunity to dive deep into different areas of interest and topics, from energy to innovation, supply chains to carbon positive strategies. This year’s event was held on March 19 and 20 at the University of New South Wales Roundhouse.

Frasers Property Australia
Media Release
Frasers Property Australia